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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by CBramble, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. CBramble

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    A lady called and wants me to put mulch on a steep bank. Now I have no problem doing it but if there is a better solution I'll suggest it, but isn't after the first good rain the mulch going to come down? I don't want to waste my time and her money. Besides if I do something I want to do it right. Right now its just overgrown with grass and weeds. Any suggestions?

    BTW - I suggested rocks bu tshe said she looked into it but they were to expensive.
  2. Mowgli

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    How steep is the slope?
    If you don't put any kind of plastic before you put the mulch down, It will stay on there very well. I fact, when do the mulch you are not suppose to
    to put any kind of liner down, But i think must people do it b/ it was easy quick fix for weeds.

    Take a look at this. It does not look very steep in the pices, but it is steep.



  3. Tharrell

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    Single ground mulch will hold a slope better if you can use it. Here's one I did.

  4. ken0564

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    very nice, how long ago was that project done? what size area? just how steep is it? I have one to do that is apprx 65 degree slope. I'd like to get other specifics is you don't mind sharing. PM me if you would rather. Thanks.

  5. gammon landscaping

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    65 degree.....that is near vertical it will roll off with out the plastic. i think what you have is probably not that steep unless the grading contractor just didn't care . you will need to have it blown in it is the only way to make it look good and not wast you time. you will have to keep forking it up the hill to cover. the blower can make it stay alot better
  6. Mowgli

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    Vertical is 90 degree and Nearly vertical would have been 80 degree.
    And 65 degree is no way near vertical. Anyway, putting plastic down before the mulch? Don't be Stupid. You know, Plastic= slippery, come on! If you done enough mulch job, you know, Plastic on steep hill DON'T MIX.
  7. ken0564

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    ...sorry to say, 65 degrees is what it is. to be exact, it came to 67 degrees:cry: not my place, i'm just gonna tidy things up so that its not an eye sore. homeowner will be selling next spring, not gonna invest in retaining wall or regrading cost. btw, 65 is 25 less then 90, which is vertical. sorry, I have to agree with mowgli, its not near vertical and it is 67 degrees. unfortunately, not that uncommon around here.
  8. ajlandscaping

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    on slopes like that do you lay a liner underneath to prevent weeds and hold it in place or just lay enough mulch done to help prevent weeds and erosion?

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