steering dampners, again

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by MikeLT1Z28, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. MikeLT1Z28

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    any alternatives to steering dampners? my right one is leaking, again. i know this subject has been beat 1000 times but i don't want to replace the bad ones with some that are just going to wear out with under 250 hours.
  2. eXmark

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    The new dampners are supposed to be better. Give me a call at 800-667-5296. I'd like to discuss this a little further.


  3. MikeLT1Z28

    MikeLT1Z28 LawnSite Bronze Member
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    will call on 10-7 or you can call me at your convienience. 901-258-2259
  4. Jackman

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    Hi Terry,

    Can you do some thing for me with my "new'' damper? Check my thread on the same subject. I refuse to buy another damper for 26 dollars when they seem to be an ongoing problem, and yes I did get a long life out of 2 dampers and then the replacement just couldnt cut it. I have all 3 dead dampers but have been running with out them since my thread was started. I have also talked to other Exmark owners and they have said the same thing "bad dampers have the herky jerkys"


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