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We may have narrowed it down to a pump problem causing the steering lever to lock up. We disconnected the shock dampeners from the steering linkage and tried working the levers without them. As expected the steering was very 'herky-jerky' but the sticking lever was still there too. After putting the mower back on the trailer at one property I was unable to budge the right lever beyond neutral to reverse it back off the trailer. It would go forward but not backwards.

So I took it to my service guy and he came out and saw that it was stuck. When I turned the motor on the right wheel started doing a burnout going forwards full speed. Luckily, since I was on the trailer I wasn't going anywhere. I pushed forward with the lever, then back, then forward, and with a "clunk" the lever released and allowed me to pull back and reverse off the trailer.

So, it's gotta be the pump that drives the right steering lever...right? Unfortunately nobody Mike (my service guy) has talked to has heard of such a problem before. So he's trying to locate a used pump to replace the original.

Do Toros/Exmarks use the same type pumps as other ZTR's? Say a Ransome?

Have you ever heard of this type of steering problem before?



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This very well could be the RH pump. You seem to have isolated the problem; however, without seeing the pump, it's hard to say what is physically wrong with it. It sounds to me like it is hanging up internally for some reason.

To my knowledge, Exmarks and Toros use the same pump. Look at the Hydro-Gear Number on the pump to make 100% sure that they are the same. This is especially true if you are pulling a pump from an older unit.

In regards to the Ransome, I don't know. Once again, you could look on the pump and try to match up the OEM Model/Hydro-Gear Number on the Product ID tag. It should be something like BDP-10A-300. You will also want to look at the number below the BDP. It should be something like 0 131 P1 435 (I just split the number up like this for illustration purposes only). You want to make sure that the third number in that series (PI) matches on both pumps. This is the Type of the Product and Build Information.

Is this unit under warranty? If it is, don't touch the pumps. Talk to your local Exmark Dealer, and they will perform the necessary warranty work. There is a two year warranty on the hydraulic system (pumps and wheel motors).

I have heard of pumps hanging up before. It happens on older units that are starting to get tired. Sometimes it's just a linkage problem. Other times the problem is in the pump. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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