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    Not great but I used this drawing for all the field measurements and was right on the money and perfectly to scale! Man this took a ton of time. Not very smooth I agree.

  2. Steiner

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    Here is the plan view and a few pics of a job we did during 100+ temps here in NY. With the humidity and heat this was a tough job. Lots of breaks!



  3. Steiner

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    Mt 52 lifted these trees. Guy at the nursery said 700-800lbs a piece. I was impressed!

  4. Steiner

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    Here is a small design and install I did for my school. Bench was installed by another company. This job started my love affair with catmint.

  5. Steiner

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    Here is my first large scale patio. Boy was it a learning experience if you get my drift. I really payed for my education that summer!

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    Looks nice.

    Merry Christmas!
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    I like everything you do. But the name makes you sound like some crummy property management companies.

    It doesn't reflect the artistry you deliver.

    I apologize for coming off as rude and crude, but I don't think the name does you justice. Maybe Stein property design services.
  8. Steiner

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    Your right toro. I think the name is cookie cutter and blocky as well. The reason I had such a hard time with the name was I did not want to do just landscaping. I learned landscaping early on but I knew my body would eventually tire so I wanted to get into the heavy equipment side of things. Pull levers all day right?

    I started taking anything I could get, mostly handyman stuff. I worked my way up until people trusted me with larger and larger jobs. Landscaping just didn't fit.

    I guess the name was a retirement plan in a way and I was planning for 30 years out. I wanted to get into heavy equipment, my dream forever, but all I had was a puny ford ranger. Landscaping built my cash up to a nice f-250 a payed for new cam superline dump trailer, and coming soon and mini skid!

    watering document.jpg
  9. Steiner

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    A small entrance we maintain at a larre nursing home complex, which was unfortunately taken over by a much larger local company. On the bright side it was way out of my service area, and the margins were really tight.

    A situation you never want to run into. Woman was already told how bad pavers were, how they shifted and moved every winter, and basically to avoid them. During excavation part of the house foundation caused a large area of water to get stuck and not drain through the clay. As we excavated and compacted the ground it just pumped and bounced. We called the homeowner, got a change order out and dug down 4-5 feet and installed large rock and cement and pounded it in with a rammer as called for by ICPI specs. Then we backfilled and compacted with 4' of gravel and fabric. Basically did not want another customer to have a bad experience with pavers and wanted to over deliver quality. It has never moved!

    Third pic is a mulch job we do in the upper end homes areas. I now have 3 customers on the street. We do everything to absolute perfection. When we are done mulching I fluff up the grass, pick up sticks and sweep everything off. I flip the rake over and smooth and massage the mulch. Great customer with quite a few years of repeat service.




  10. Steiner

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    Here is a nice lens to use if you take your own landscaping shots. A fisheye will allow everything to be in the frame it just might give a slightly distorted look.

    Also some design work I was doing for a school courtyard.




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