Steiner or Kubota?

Anybody use Steiner or Kubota. I need to buy something new for athletic fields, and have been considering Walker and Ferris, and possibly Exmark, Toro, or John Dere, but I've always liked the looks of the Kubota front mount mowers (F series, I think, with steering wheel and pedal directional control), because the bigger ones can be outfitted with earators and other implements, and I see that Steiners can also be outfitted with a reel mower. Comparable dealers are available for everything I've listed. Appreciate your comments.


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the steiner can have duals all the way around less compaction. christmas tree farmer in our area uses one with a tree farmer mower on it. steiners are good machines but if you want attachments there big money.


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Ontario, Canada
We do soccer fields and ball diamonds but don't use reel mowers for them. We use Walker GHS's for most of the cutting and a 72" Ransomes sometimes. I am looking for a Steiner because they can be used for many more things. They have a good ground speed and do an excellent job of stripping. We also drag the diamonds and I am worried about doing that with my Walkers. I think a Steiner would work well for many applications, as for the cost, once you get to this type of commercial machine the money difference isn't much, get what you want.
Around here most of the Townships own Kubota but all the farmers have Steiners. I think the farmers are right.