Steiner? pros & cons

Royal Lawn

Canton, OH
Being in my first year of mowing, I'm still looking for the best equipment. I like the Steiners but i've heard of some smaller customers who wouldn't want this heavy machine on there lawns. Any info would be much appreciated.


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A Steiner is one of the lightest tractors you could put on a lawn. The low preassure flotation tires are VERY turf friendly.

John DiMartino

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I have a 4x4 steiner and it never ever has left any ruts at all.Even if you mow in the same exact spot week after week,the full width roller helps smooth out the lawn and even out the weight of the deck.My Dixie chopper makes noticable ruts if you try to stay in the same tracks for more than 2 mowings in a row,you must mow in a different pattern and you can feel the other set of tracks as you pass over them.The steiner is built like a tank,both in 2wd and 4x4.They are strong enough to run a loader,trencher,or a stump grinder,so a mower deck is no load to it.The ony thing a ZTR has over a steiner is all out speed due to turning around time with a 4x4.Steiner has the best cut,antiscalp features and stripe ive ever seen on a rotary mower,but you pay for it-its $$$.