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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by shawn'slawns, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. shawn'slawns

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    i use 2 steiner ztm325 mowers. these zero turns are hands down the best machines i have ever used and they just discontinued this model. seems steiner (textron) has replaced them with bobcats line and is going to paint them red with steiner stickers?does anyone else use this mower? steiner never seemed to promote it well and ohio is the only place i see them. with an electric deck adjustment and the hill hugging power they have i dont know what i'll use next. any suggestions? and yes i've tried dixie and scag.
  2. blairbuc

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    I see them on the east coast

    I saw my first Steiner 14 years ago going up a 40 deg hill, it was the atriculating frame with 4 wheel drive. Love them ever since, but the 325 i think is just another Zero Turn with a 25 kohler and similar set up, in fact top speed is just 9mph in a world of 15mph.

    I'm not trying to say speed beats quality,and your talking to a Steiner Fan, but why do you like it better than anytihing,, I mean, what does it have that a Hustler does not.
  3. hc841

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  4. John Gamba

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    Try One Of These! I Here They Mow Where The Yellow Mower Can't :D

    smaller 664.jpg
  5. EJK2352

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    Gamba's steering you in the right direction!! Find an Exmark dealer, and demo a Lazer Z. You'll be dumping those Steiners guaranteed!!!
  6. hc841

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    I have tried the exmark. But the hustler super Z will go places the exmark won't. not to mention it is built much stronger, and has hydro pumps & motors twice the size
  7. bayfish

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    I agree. I compared the Toro(Exmark) and HustlerZ side by side and went home with the HustlerZ. I put Toro and Exmark together because they are basically the same, I'm told.
  8. blairbuc

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    I can't speak for the Z's but I was looking at a second WB. I hear good thins on exmark, cut quality, lots of dealer service, but when I looked at the mass of the Hustler and the clean lines of the H bar vs. the Exmark spindly tubes going up to a a confusing mess of cables and levers to keep compressed, I will go home Hustler againl. I think outside of the H bar world, Excell's grips are best in the grip world and I like there line choices in the 32" line. I would not beat on Exmark, given them many second looks, but Hustler is tough to be know unless you go 4 wheel suspension Ferris with CAT Diesel. How does anyone touch that.
  9. steinerguy

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    shawnslawn, we appear to be the only steiner guys out here. I have a 220 (older version of the current 230) power unit with the kubota engine and a 60" front deck. Love the mower. These guys all talk about adding striping kits and steiner comes with it. This deck rides on a full width roller in the rear. I can run on any hillside I want. Love the unit.

    the steiner guy
  10. MacLawnCo

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    you are not the only guys that run steiners... there is a large commercial mowing co here that only runs 230s, 8 of them and 2 430s for renovations. The lines do look great, but i have to believe they would be soooo much more productive on board a dixie XXWD5000. The props they use these on are all at least 5 ac. Another benefit of the steiners is their attacments, namely the aerator. Quiet productive.

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