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    I need some input on some steiners or ventracs I have a steiner 220 rear wheel turn and it has its good and bad points I"m looking to get a new mower this winter and was thinking of steiner 420 articulating machine or a ventrac. I can demo either but a demo is not the same as sitting on one for a few yrs. This will be my personal mower [but I'm not against a few jobs to help off set cost] The one I have now is under powered so I want the diesel. I bought a kabota ZD21 last yr and sold it, just dont like ztr' Ányone that has an articulating steiner let me know what you think? Thanks Mac
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    What is it with Steiners?

    I've NEVER, EVER seen one other than on Ebay, heard the name mentioned here once or maybe twice since 1999. Like I said, Ebay seems to be LOADED with them.

    What do you use them for? They're an articulated small 4x4 TRACTOR, right? I see reference to lots of attachments available.

    But you seem to indicate their use as a Commercial lawn mower? Why isn't anyone else using them this way?

    Please fill me in on what I'm missing here.
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    They're great for rough areas and hills. I used one for 4 yrs to mow some serious hills at a sporting co,plex. We had dual wheels on all four wheels. Thing would go just about anywhere. Had the then 420 with 20hp Onan. Seemed to run ok. Lots of upkeep on the entire unit though. We didn't use it alot for finish mowing. Couldn't cut up to par with Deere and Kubota on those areas. We had a bunch of attachments too. Was a real workhorse.
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    A friend in Akron, OH used to do commercial lawn care with his brother and he said they did some of the nicest lawns around and used Steiner tractors and swore by them, said they cut and striped better than anything else he had ever seen. He talks like Steiner is big there, but I've never seen one in my region. I think it just depends on your location, like Rodfather says he has never seen a Dixie Chopper.
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    there is a LCO here with 10+ steiners. They mow with 8 230s (rear steer) and do extra work, like aerating and fert, with 2 430s (articulating 4wd).

    They do leave an amazing cut, and stripe like nothing else. Again, this LCO has a few of the nicer properties around.

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    Hey here is there link and who they are linked to. . There real popular around here and stripe well. They well climb about anything because there 4 WD and articulate. I like the Ventrac ,because of the controls are beside you where the steiners are on the dash. Steiner has a bigger name around here. The 420 is obsolete so look at the 430 Max or 525max. There not cheap ,but normally any problems I hear are small and minor, not much down time.I want one ,but $$,$$$.$$:)
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    Steiners are ok in my opinion. We have 3 of the 220 series with 3 gas motors. Mowing deck is well built and provides an excellent cut. It stripes well because of a solid rear roller on the rear of the deck. Reel attachment is ok, but the reels suck. Lightweight built and filmsy. Also a pain to adjust.
    Units have held up well, however, hydrostat and transaxle is a pain to work to work on. The nice thing is all the different attachments and the ease of changing them. Our three units use to be some of our front line triplex mowers for years. Now they are backups and usaully go out as 72" rotary mowers for wire grass support when other units are down.
  8. olderthandirt

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    Thanks Guys
    I was at the dealer and I guy trades in a 1999 525, with a 72 inch deck it's diesel runs great and looks like crap mowed a few strips of grass to make sure it ran allright and bought it. I payed $8k and think I got a great deal. The deck is the same as my 220 so I'm gonna switch decks do some minor work and paint it and sell my 220 next spring to recoup some cost. Just hope I like the articulating trac part of it.

    WESLEY BROWN LawnSite Member
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    I think you got a deal, there like $15000.00 new. Good Luck !:)

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