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Step 2 in determining your billing rate


Whippany, NJ
Sorry for the delay in getting step 2 up. Just spent a week in sunny Miami. Any of you who live in southern Florida, are lucky.

The next step in determining you rate, how many days or hours can you actually work.
Do you take off holidays?
How about the day after Thanksgiving?
What if Christmas falls on a weekend, do you give the Friday or Monday off?
Are you seasonal, do you close your operation for Dec., Jan. and Feb.?
I guess not if you live in Miami.
How about vacations, Do you close your whole operation? This is different from giving an employee a week or 2.
The point of this exercise is you need to know how many workable days you actually have available.
Just so you know yourcostcenter.com can perform all of these calculations in an easy to use format as shown below
Calendar shot.jpg
Get your calendar info available, and we will slowly put it to use.

Calendar shot.jpg