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Step 3


Whippany, NJ
Let's talk about the owners compensation.
1st. You need to take a salary. Not a check when there's some money left over. Every week you need to take a check. Doesn't mean you can cash it if cash flow is bad. Don't confuse owners pay with company profit. They are 2 separate entities. Salary is what you earn for your contribution to your company. Whether it be as a field worker or as management. Profit, is what the company (or you) are entitled to for the risk associated with running your own business. Most people confuse salary and profit.
In order to determine your billing rate you must answer questions about the owner.
Do you work with tools in hand or strictly management?
If with tools, do you split your time between tools and management? (i.e. you do estimates and billing after working in the field all day).
What type of salary does your family need to survive? What would you have to pay someone to replace you.
What is your vacation and holiday schedule?
Do you have health insurance?
What classification under workers comp. are you listed. Most times you can be listed under sales. Which should save you about $ 10.00 per hundred of your salary.
I have attached a screen shot of these questions from our site.
When it comes to the dollars you need, be conservative but realistic. You can adjust them as we go along.
Owners page.jpg

Owners page.jpg