Step ladders??


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Lansing IL
Anyone else carry one on the side of there trailer i do on mine i got two brackets on the passenger side- my trimmer rack its always on there even on mowing,rock/mulch jobs use it for bush trimming&trees alot of the guys around here have a ladder with them for the same reason mine is a 8'ft werner aluminum from Ace:waving: but some carry 6'ft,8ft,12 of thoose sizes diffrent ones ill see but do any of you do this for the same reason?

SouthSide Cutter

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Washington In
Got a Little Giant and its a step and extension. Compact in a 6' step to 10' and a 22' extension. Best dam money I have ever spent, really a nice setup leave it in the bed of the truck.

Richard Martin

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Greenville, NC
I carry as little equipment as I can. My hedge trimming jobs are scheduled work. I drop the trailer and load up the hedge trimmers, barrels, ladders etc and go do the job. When I get done, all of that stuff is unloaded and the trailer is reattached. I don't like to drag around more weight than I have to. I'm cheap with the gas you know.


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personally i don't do ladder work of any kind.

if i have to get on a ladder to get the work done then it isn't getting done by me.

i have a kombi motor with the hedge trimmer attachment. beyond the reach of that i will not do it.

oh and i don't do tree work either.


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Personally I don't see any need to carry a ladder all of the time. I schedule all of my trimming and bring my dump trailer instead of my mowing trailer. When I am mowing, I wouldn't have time to trim anything anyway. I do carry a pair of hand shears that I will use to clean up between trimming on one of my full service accounts.

As far as what ladders I use, i have the Werner version of the little giant but it mostly stays at home. It is too short for most jobs. Plus it is pretty heavy and flexes a lot when used as an extension. . I have an 8' Fiberglass tripod ladder that works great for most hedges. Then I have 10' and 12' Fiberglass stepladders that I use for the taller hedges. I also have a 20' fiberglass and a 32' aluminum extension ladders. The 32' never leaves my house and I really only use the 20' when I help out family. Sometimes I will use it if a customer asks me to clean gutters. I try to avoid using ladders over my 10' stepladder at customers houses when possible.