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Discussion in 'Christmas Trees & Seasonal' started by David Gretzmier, Nov 22, 2009.

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    I met with a customer who showed me my competition is now taking photo's of homes and bringing the printed picture with them. they don't write on it, but the homeowner said it is nice that they provided a picture of thier home. uh, oh. now I have to consider doing the next level thing, which is taking a photo and then using the designer software on my laptop in my presentation.

    I have never needed to , as I have always closed enough work each year to be happy with what I did in my sales presentation, but Christmas Decor here is REALLY going after it. doorhangers are everywhere, which I think are fine for the houses next to the houses we do, you know, "we're lighting up your neighborhood" and hand write in the address you ae working at, but other wise, blanketing neighborhoods feel kinda pizza delivery business to me.

    I do think they are getting in the first shot, taking the low hanging fruit, etc. And of course, as a chemical spraying company they have a huge overhead advantage on me- they already have 3-4 spray trucks making them money 10 months out of the year. they already have 4 reliable, fairly intelligent spray techs for employees. they already have sales staff. while thier spray techs may be afraid of heights, they can also easily do garland, mini-lights etc.

    So depending on how my new sales play out theis year, I may have start marketing efforts to essentially state the obvious to folks who are going to get those doorhangers and be wowed by thier taking a photo.

    The funny thing is, I have had a couple of guys interview with me that worked for them locally, and both of them seemed reasonable, intellegent me who would be good for any business. They both said the same thing, That it was a nightmare doing Christmas lights. complete disorganization, can't find customers stuff, mad customers, etc. and this year I have to think they are growing like gangbusters. and crazy growth with an already disarrayed system cannot be a good recipe.

    But I still, as always, whether my competition forces me to or not, want to get better at this every year. And I am glad in a way that my competition makes it better for customers everywhere, that both of us are raising our game to better serve the public.
    but then, who knows? maybe the guys were spies. I don't really care, as I have no problem with my competition knowing my pricing, or even if I have a great supply chain or an organized warehouse system. they already know that I have a great business. It is not as if they should be told that they need to run a good business just because I do.

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