Steps to get licensed in Forida

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bukeeper1, Dec 6, 2006.

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    I think the test is over hyped. The math portion is tough but I took the l&o
    passed...had it for two years let it lapse(duh)...drove to winterhaven, took it again. Then recently took the exam for public applicator no studying and passed
    it. If you know from experience you shouldnt have a problem.
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    Ric are you going to just give the course or the renewal as well? If your doing the re-newal do you know what general area you will be teaching in?
  3. Ric

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    Renewals as you call them require, CEUs in both Core and L&O. Most CEU providers target commercial Certification. You can get these CEUs on line from you home at WWW.CEUWEB.COM for a total cost of $ 50.00. This is the easy way and in fact the way I get Mine most of the time in categories I don't license but don't want to lose.

    What I offer is geared more to ornamental Pesticide control and Over the Top weed control. I try and teach you something you can use and make money with. At present time I have approval to teach these and can give the CEU credit for renewal. I am attending a workshop this month to teach the 6 hour Limited class and hope to be teaching that class by Feb. There is a lot of paper work to the approval process to get approved. However once your program is approved, it can be given an infinite number of times. I will actually be taking the Limited test this month so I know what is on it. Since you have a limited License and have taken at least the 6 hour and more than likely the older 8 hour course, You know it only teaches you what is on the test and how to study labels so you can learn Ornamental pest control and Weed Control. You came out of the Test and License knowing very little more than you did about making money with it than you did before taking the course.

    BTW Buy "Florida Landscape Plants" By John v Watkins & Thomas J Sheehan, From Amazon. It will be a big help in caring and treating Plants. However you will have to know how to use that book. It will help you learn all of the Botanical names of the common plants you work with and their insect and fungus problems.
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    IFAS has a huge and cheap book inventory. And most of the books and flyers are great. and can be had onlineas well
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    Interest enough you can buy most IFAS books cheaper on Amazon than from the IFAS book store. Of course your County Extension Office has a lot of IFAS pamphlets for free.
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    No I don't think your a low ballers lol, the state cost $100 for the class and $50 the book so it sounds about right?
    I am hoping they will tech more then just turf education for the ornamental I know would benefit me much better.

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