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    I really didn't want to ask this question because, it is probably right under my nose, but does anyone know of anywhere online or here that i can get directions on how to correctly install steps? I have looked on here and google for about 2 hrs and i am started to get frustrated. I want to learn so I can try them at my own house soon. If there is more than one way( i think here is a pedestal and another way), a place to find both ways and why would be nice too. Thanks alot
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    Any manufacturer has them on their site what brand will you use?
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    Yep your manuf. lit. will tell you. EP sells filler block now.
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    If anyone needs help...gimme a shout or a PM. Glad to help.
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    Thanks for the replies, but i have a few questions

    1. Is there a time to not over dig on steps? Do you always use clean stone on the overdig? Where does the water go with clean stone besides just laying there in between the stone waiting to freeze a thaw?

    2.If using the pedestal method how do you get compaction?Do you run the tamp right on top the blocks? Or you fill the block and walk away?

    3. If NOT using the pedestal method what keeps the rock from pushing the block out? Just the fact it is compacted?

    4.When should one use the pedestal and when you shouldn't? Or is that a preference
  7. cutbetterthanyou

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    anyone ?????????

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