Sterile hay???

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gslam88, Jul 8, 2003.

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    Have a questions for you all... ...I stopped by a customer site the other day... just put in a pool and the pool company did not do the finish grading... so this guys calls and ask for topsoil to be added... clean up the mess kind of thing.... well in talking to him tonight after giving him my quote... he asked what kind of hay will you use after seeding.... would it be sterile?????

    I talked with a good friend... my best guess on this guy is someone else is feeding him a line of bs or just using straw and calling it sterile hay... ????...

    The same customer also wanted 3/8" screened topsoil.... well as most everyone around screens only to 1/2" on average... how many can find 3/8 screen around easy?? I finally told him for the small amount that he needs... $92 per yard.... cost of topsoil... screener with 3/8" screen and trucking....

    Pete.... the non sterile guy

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    He was probably referrring to weed seed content of hay, which is higher than straw. I would never use hay for just that reason. Use straw, even though it may not be totally weed free, it will have less than hay.

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    combined wheat straw.
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    use wheat straw. you might have a little bit of wheat to come up along with the grass but it will die out quick in this heat.
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    On a side note, most of this places tend to settle down, I did the grading around a pool long time ago, nice and level, just to find out later in the year that lot's of spots settle as much as a foot.

    You can also use peen mulch and impress him even more than the guy who told him about the sterile hay.
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    Wheat straw can contain a lot of seed. It just depends on how well the combine was set up. As for it being sterile well they do that with high heat temperatures in potting soil. I never heard of that being done with straw. Wheat has to reseed itself to grow and it's not going to do that when it's being mowed so the after the first year of using it for seeding cover its gone.
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    They have a mulch called peenmulch. Know seeds at all in it . I used it on several jobs. The coast is more but easy to use and know weed seeds. After you spread it you wet it and thats it.

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