Sterilize hedge trimmers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Toatlandscape, Oct 13, 2002.

  1. Toatlandscape

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    Does anyone spray down your hedge trimmers between jobs? I was talking with a nursery owner and he told me that WE as a group are most responsible for spreading tree and shrub disease. He says a simple spray with Lysol or similar will kill germs before moving on. This is something I have never thought about. I do spray with a WD40 type spray befor beginning the day but not at each job. He did not know if this will kill germs or not. Any thoughts?
  2. Green Pastures

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    That's an interesting point you make. I wonder if these diseases aren't airborne though. It does make me think. I use the WD-40 too, but I don't think it kills germs.

  3. Ryan Lightning

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    diseases is pretty much everywhere. The problem with them being on your edge trimmers is, you make a wound while prunning, and that lets disease in.
    This could be a big problem if your prunning alot of trees are bushes and your going from prunning diseased trees to healthy trees. I clean my cutting tool every once in a while, but I will clean them after a job, if I know I was prunning are hedging a tree a bush that looks like it may have a disease. You can also use bleach and water 50\50, and dip your tools, are even chainsaw in between cuts are trees.
  4. jeffyr

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    I was told that same thing in a seminar a few years ago at Rutgers.
    They were saying to wash the pruners, like the Felco and loppers.

    The same holds true while cutting diseased lawn -- Red Thread can be carried from lawn to lawn by mower deck. I am not sure about other diseases, but since you are cutting and opening up a wound on each blade, it is likely.

  5. Doc Pete

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    "Cork Crown Gall" if I have the name right easily transmits by a trimmer. It's bad stuff. Once the shrub has it, it's done for. But, it takes time. I did it to my own shrubs before I realized it...... It looks like cork ball around any part of a shrub's stems.
    Hope this helps,
  6. dfor

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    I use "Windex" that I keep in the truck for the windows and anything else I need it for. And no I am not "Greek".;)
  7. jeffyr

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    :confused: ?????:confused:
  8. smburgess

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    Shouldn't be used on hedgetrimmers, it's a petrol based product, not to good for the plants.

    Should use silicon based lubrication.
  9. HarryD

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    I hate trimming bushs and hope they all DIE!!!!! :rolleyes:
  10. Toatlandscape

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    I haven't had any problems so far with WD40 ( that I know of) but what is a silicon based product. Are they the ones that are not flammable?

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