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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ndols2, Apr 26, 2011.

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    So I too got a call from sterling field services, They only pay 18-20 per yard. and the reason why is that they are sub. the work from other nationals. they sent me a bunch of work, and it was on my route so I thought I may as well do a few. I did 19, and try to upload the photos. the website won't let me. I email, and call. finally after 4 days I get a call from this A-Hole named Roy. says just email me the pictures, we are having trouble with the site. OK, I send him the pictures, and I get a email back from him bitching about. we have been through this before, no PDFs. I ask how he would like the photos. and they reply with, All your work orders are cancelled. you will not be paid for all work completed, and will receive charge backs. Stay away from this company. they are full of ****, they wont pay, and what they would pay, wont cover your cost anyway. I can only hope they go out of business
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    That sounds like a property manager alright. Sorry to hear about that.
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    send them a bill directly, include photos, after 30 days of non-payment add 3%, do this for a few months, find a collections company that won't take all your money (flat rate, I use send them to collections. Don't let them screw you, this is what these pm's are going, finding someone who could use the work then pushing them around. We mowed for Safeguard, getting $35 a cut and were doing 125 properties a week for them, they called to see if we would change our rate to $20 to match what they were getting in the market. When we said no they started playing games like the above, we made sure we had documentation and photos and went after them. I got paid for everything we did for them, as well as properties they kicked out for problems they "found" with the work we did. On top of that, when they didn't respond to my invoice, I added collections fees to the invoice, make sure it is on your invoice stating this.

    This business is too hard to not get paid for the work you do. Don't walk away from the money they owe you. If you have questions or need help let me know. This applies to anyone that backs out of paying. I have sent 15 - 20 to collections and have been paid for all, but one. I had a one time cut write a bad check, I got $40 for the mow, $6.37 in late fees, $30 return check fee, $65 in collection fees (i paid $15), may not be right but we did the work and I waited on the money. Sorry for the long post, but you would not have done the work if didn't need the money.
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    Thanks for the advise. I just made up a new invoice and emailed it, and im dropping one in the mail too. I think I will send I a month for a bit.
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    keyword = "a".

    I am also a property manager.
  6. johnny_boy02

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    Sorry man the problems on their end should not have kept you from getting paid. I work with a few property preservation places and have never had any problems.

    The massive picture taking and uploading stuff is a drag but once you get to know the companies procedures it is not to bad.

    I hope you get your money.
  7. ndols2

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    Yeah I work with a few, I have never had trouble like this. There company is a joke. the properties I went to for them, were being serviced by the Nationals I work (and get paid by) for. I called my manager, and told them to just give me the properties. she agreed to give me most of them. So theres your Screw you Sterling field services!!!
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    You're one of the minority that are decent to the contractors.

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