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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by steveparrott, May 20, 2014.

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    Damn. I can't buy Kichler products because I'll be castrated for going on a trip every year. Now I can't buy Volt products because they have decided to use a more stream-lined business model which ends up saving me money on my cost of materials (which would pay for a nice annual vacation also). Will someone please fill me in on which manufacturer is acceptable to purchase materials from? Seriously!!!! Find a hobby or at least find something worthy enough to ***** about!!! This is giving me a headache!
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    Never mind, don't answer that. I've looked into the Volt line, and I've talked to several of the staff. I feel good about it, so I'm gonna try it first, before I complain, and I'll be sure to let everyone know if it is a good fit.
    Before I go I have one more question: Is there a product on the market that could not be researched online and purchased at wholesale or at least less than MSRP? Do you meet a lot of people that have the desire to do that kind of research? I have maybe 2 or 3 potential clients per year that are the type to push me into a corner with internet pricing...... I'm not thrilled about those jobs anyway so I don't tend to dwell on it if I lose the opportunity. I have found that 8 out of 10 people I meet hire me (80% for you accountants)....... Therefore, I am only concerned with meeting the next 10 people. Sweet dreams and God bless.
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    Hey Chris, Get off this forum. This is no place for reason. Or is it just because your mind is more clear at 2:00 a.m.?

    Seriously, it is good to have another experienced voice here. I hope you find time to hang around. I'm one of the newer posters (a couple years) here and have more questions than answers.
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    you guys crack me up
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    Thanks bro. I used to be a very involved contributor to this site but found gray hair was encroaching quickly because of the nonsense so I stopped visiting. I came back with the idea that I would simply read and stay out of the mix, but that was certainly wishful thinking. Call it a personality flaw but I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut when I see ridiculousness being vomited.

    I still want an answer to my question though Mark. Can you give me the name of a manufacturer that I can purchase materials from that would be acceptable to your mission? One that doesn't offer any kind of incentives? By the way, I hope you don't use any type of credit card that offers frequent flyer miles or awards program. That would be devastating to the CC industry and it would damage free enterprise, and give a big black eye to the whole concept of supply and demand as well as cripple the idea of business competition which keeps all items for sale in check. I've always liked you, and still have much respect..... But seriously; who are you to question the business practices of other companies and insult a man for the decision he makes for the betterment of himself and his family? And on a public forum for the world to see? Really now.... Bless your heart.
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    Well Chris, not sure I want to keep going down these paths....but, to try to answer your question. As you know, I have a beef with manufacturers and distributors selling products to the consumer at near the same pricing as we (contractors) are supposed to get. There are some that do this blatantly, which I will never purchase from. There are others who pretend not to give this advantage to them, but still do behind closed doors or whenever they can. It is likely that the majority fall into this pool now.

    Also, as you know....I hate the idea of having to purchase from a distributor due to their mark-up structure. I say this only because they offer no real value to me for that mark-up, yet if I am to use a particular line that ONLY sells through distribution channels, then I likely will not use that line.

    Please understand....for me.....a lot has changed in my business over the past 5 years and I do things differently now. Therefore, I do not rely/depend on these previous product lines that I once used to. For example, I used to use a ton of FX Luminare....still like many of their products and occasionally use some.

    To answer your question....who to use now? I currently, as I've stated, use Gambino's products, which are exclusive....most can't get their hands on it. I also use CopperMoon still. There's a couple of reasons for fits a lower budget need for particular clients, it's decent product, and Doug Shumate has never shown me or others that I know, to sell to homeowners directly. He is a man who respects relationships and especially so with the contractor. He runs a small business and he caters to each relationship...I, as well as many others, appreciate that.

    Outside of that, if I were to use aluminum products, then I would likely use Excelsior. Jerry Carter is another good man and seems to keep to his word. He will work directly with contractors and bypasses the distribution path....again, something I personally appreciate.

    So, there you go....3 different product lines, 2 of which you are likely to have access too. Also, neither Doug or Jerry sells products to promote trips and offer points....purely business. Now will Doug do things outside of this to say thank you....yes. In fact, I think you've been on a fishing trip with him once Chris?? Can't remember for sure.

    Hope this answers your initial questions.
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    Yes. I did accept an invitation from Doug for a very pleasurable fishing trip. They are great people and I wish I could have done more business with them since then. I'm sure if I purchased more from them, there would have been many more gestures of "thank you" in various forms. I'm in total agreement about going through distributors also. They do not provide much of a need for me, but I realize that any company wants to grow and tapping into the green market (ie, irrigation companies) is probably the fastest way to gain more contractors to peddle their products. I can honestly say that I despise this practice also. If I had it my way, I would convince the distributor to allow me to get all the lighting work referrals and forget about the "jack leg" that's going to only install a dozen or so poorly designed lighting systems. Realistically speaking, however, If I owned the irrigation company and/or the lighting company I'd do exactly the same thing..... and I think most would as well.
    As far as Gambino goes, his products are top shelf and anyone would do well to promote them. I would use them myself if it weren't for our volatile past. I love the guy, but our egos clash way to much for me to become another one of his minions. I'd get a couple years into his line and we would have another blow-out and I'd find myself without a product line and/or a support structure. No thanks..... I'll still support you guys from afar and wish you great success.
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    Anything can be found on the web. Get your Coppermoon here.
  10. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    Yes, you can find it online, but you cannot find it online at contractor NET pricing, which is the WHOLE point of this discussion / argument. Look at the prices that are listed on that site. They are clearly retail prices. So some contractor has decided to sell product direct to those who want it... no biggie.

    Big difference between that and what Volt is doing.

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