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  1. zak406

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    Hey guys hope everybody had a good winter. I switched my name this year (I wanted a name with my last name in it) from E.Z. Landscaping to StewartScapes. Not much has changed for us, I got rid of alot of non profitable or deadbeat mowing customers. We were planning on doing a lot less mowing and a lot more landscaping. Last year was my best year ever in the bizz. I made a ton of money and was able to save a good bit of money. I returned to college this winter and love it, I also play hockey for my school which is great because we travel a good bit during the year, not to mention I love the sport. The unfortunate thing, I tore my labrum in my hip and was required to get surgery the day after my season ended this year (march 19). I am on crutches for 4 weeks and unable to work until atleast july after alot of rehab. My brother is doing my lawns and landscaping with me supervising, I will be hiring his friends on a need be basis. Its unfortunate I had to get surgery, I went from going to make a ton of money this summer to probably not making much. It could always be worse though! My set up is the same from last year I will update this frequently, we are starting landscaping this weekend.


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    Sorry to hear about your hip. That really sucks. Hope you recover soon and well. I had a thumb VS table saw accident in mid December that hindered my work for about a month. Slightly deformed now, but we're back in business alright.

    You've got a nice setup there. How are the Exmarks performing for ya?
  3. LawnMan19

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    Sorry to hear about your hip hope you heal up quick. I like the new name a lot, not that the old one was bad though.
  4. zak406

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    First off thanks for the well wishes!

    Table saws are extremely dangerous, I had a shop teacher that lost a finger due to a table saw in highschool. Its definatly a machine not to mess around with. Im glad your back and up and running again.

    As for the exmarks there great, they cut great. No down time with either of them. I do have a spindle going in the turf tracer but that is ok its bound to happen eventually.
  5. zak406

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    Thank you for the well wishes. About the new name I completely agree, the old name was great and all but I really wanted to have a legacy "so to speak" with my families name. Any more last summer we were so busy I would have my brother working for me all the time and my dad working for me on saturday and sundays. Hell even my mom helped out a bit. So I figured its a team effort why not change it. The only thing is now I need to get a new logo, business cards, magnetic truck signs, tshirts, and hoodies made up. Also a website will be going up soon. As of right now I just own the domain however soon I hope to launch a site!
  6. LawnMan19

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    I hear ya it makes sense to use the family name with a lot of your family working for you.:weightlifter:
  7. thelawnman

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    Hey we both can work until july boy it sucks hahaha. I got a knee Reconstruction from a bad car crash in feb.
  8. zak406

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    Atleast someone knows how it feels haha. Its to the point were I go and watch my brother cut my lawns because im so bored. July cant come fast enough, hophully I can get back in it by then.
  9. TinMan1

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    I had hip surgery in 2005 from a motorcycle wreck and had to sit on the porch and watch my own guys cut my yard :) 6acres
  10. zak406

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    How did that work out for you? Was it your labrum? I was forced with 2 decisions, either get the surgery or when something happens (bone digs into cartilidge) you will never play hockey again at any level. Which was not an option because I have 4 more years elidgability left at the college level. The second option being, get it done or when something does happen ill be a 22 year old kid with a 72 year old hip is how my ortho phrased it. Which would put me at a hip replacement sooner than later..

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