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Hey rich,<br>sorry to here about the will cost you. We cracked our tank once and it ends up that the tank is part of the blower assembly itself. As I rember, you have to take the blower completely apart and replace half the frame that the tank is 'fused to' NOT a very good design on part of the folks at stihl. We cracked the tank and the blower chamber, had to replace both pieces, and cost close to 100 and change. You may want to think about a new blower almost, as I think the half with the tank was the main cost. <p>I wouldn't mind calling stihl up myself and telling them what a numb-nut design the tank is.....


I remember at a recent tradeshow I was talking to a stihl rep about my br400. He said something about the fuel tank, that certain models tanks were leaking and that if you bring it to the dealer he'll replace it for free(I think).<p>Bryan


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there was a update (recall) on the older br320 and br400 units. it invloved installing a rubber grommet in the tank where the fuel line goes thru it. if your unit does not have a rubber grommet there take it to your dealer and they will install one under the recall.<br>as far as replacing the tank goes...your kinda stuck there, you have to tear down almost the entire blower to do it. not a bad job if you are mechanicaly inclined.<br>as far as the tank leaking goes...i would make certain it is the tank before i replace it. the cylinder gaskets on those model blowers are prone to leaking unburned fuel from them, and give the appearance of a fuel tank leak..just tighten the cylinder screws and that will solve that problem...<br>if the tanks leaks from the seam or is cracked, i have seen that happen due to abuse situations (dropping, running over, etc...)<br>sorry bout the length of this post, but i figured you should check into these before replacing the tank..

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