Sthil Brand any good?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Ransomes, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. Ransomes

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    Just bought a Stihl chainsaw today , i was at a customers house because i was going to remove several small trees ...i was going to make enough to pay off tis piece of Cr!@ chainsaw and more, but i couldnt get it started in front of the cutomer , the guy at the store showed me exactly how to start it and i did just the same exact thing.....does anyone know anything about this brand ? they claim its way better than Echo? Also is it typically hard to get a chainsaw to start?
  2. grass_cuttin_fool

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    Stihl products seem to flood easy, my chainsaw is like that (ms180)

  3. AAELI

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    They did pretty much invent the thing you are trying to get to start. I gotta admit they do flood easily if you miss the 'kick' on starting with the choke fully engaged.

    For cold starts I use the choke and pull no more than two times, even if I don't hear the saw try to kick over, then I place the switch in the half-choke position and yank until it starts. After the cold start I usually go straight to the half-choke position to prevent choking/flooding the saw.

    If you smell a strong fuel odor from the muffler I would say you have flooded it. Unscrew the plug, make sure the saw is on off and turning it upside down give a few yanks on the starter rope to clear the cylinder of excess gas. replace the plug and with the brake on and throttle fully depressed and the choke lever in the run position fire it up. That usually clears the problem..

    Hope this helps you. It is always a good idea to 'practice' before going on the job.

    I know if you had bought it at Pasadena Snapper/Stihl dealer they would be happy to help you out. For that matter, even if you bought it elsewhere they seem to be helpful..
  4. Roger

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    Is the Stihl an "easy start" model? Does the pull cord wind a spring, which in turn turns the engine?

    I bought a Stihl chain saw this Spring. Another man was buying one at the same time, not quite the same model, but close. Both had the "easy start" feature. I was talking with somebody while the shop technician showed him how to start it. When they came to process me, I was asked "Do you want us to show you how to start?" I said "No, I'm fine." After all, how difficult can it be to start a 2 cycle chain saw. I've started my other Stihl products for years, I've started my old chain saw for years, blah, blah ...

    Well, a few days later while at home, I wanted to use the new saw. I couldn't get it started. I set it aside, and used the old one. The same thing happened a few more times. I didn't have time to get back to the dealer to have them look at it. I presumed something was wrong. Of course, all the time, I'm wishing I would have passed on the "easy start" and taken one with a simple pull cord, connected right to the engine crank.

    One day, when I had time I took it back. Within 30 seconds, the mechanic had it running. Since that time, I have had no problem.

    If yours is the "easy start," the key is simple and if followed, the engine will start every time. Put the switch into the full choke position (in my case, full down). Pull the cord SLOWLY (I know, very counter-intuiative) to the full length. The engine will turn over. Repeat, UNTIL a very short "puff" is heard (sign it wants to start). In my case, that is almost always the third pull. Do not pull the cord again. Rather, move the switch to the next position. Then pull the cord again, SLOWLY. It always starts on the second pull, after the switch was moved.

    After it is warm, one slow pull on the cord, and it starts right up.

    The key is listening for the small "puff" and then moving the switch to the next position. After I was shown exactly how to do it, it has proven to be fail-safe.

    I understand your frustration -- just bought a new saw, and can't get the stupid thing to start!!! And, wishing I would not have chosen the "easy start" system. Easy starting ... seems like a joke. But, in the end, it does work fine.
  5. out4now

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    I had that problem with my 019T when I first got it, went away after a few times running it. They make a really good saw, some models are better than others. If a Sthil wasn't available I'd go with Husquvana but I think you're not starting it right. LIke said, open the switch apply choke, pull till you hear it try to start, take choke off, throtle should be locked already and let er rip.
  6. Premierlawns

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    Had the same thing happen to me...bought the saw for the job and could not get it started. Ended up borrowing the customers (thank god he had a sense of humor). Took it back and wacthed the store start it the first time...hasnt been a problem since! I guess they need a bit of a break in period!
  7. lawnmaniac883

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    Im going to jump on the bandwagon here, I did the same thing with my MS361 when it was new. I heard them start it up and run it at the dealer and like others just assumed I could start it easily right? WRONG! I get the saw home and attempt to start it infront of my dad to take down a large palm...5 pulls, no go...10 pulls, no go...15 pulls, no go my arm felt like it was going to fall off. At this point I went inside and called my dealer up, they recommended I try starting the saw NO CHOKE with the throttle trigger 3/4 pulled (make sure chain brake is ON). Sure enough I go back out making fun of dealer in my head you know the drill, oh that jerk is gonna get ripped another one when this thing wont start still. First pull the saw kicked over. Second pull it started right up. Boy did I feel like a ****** I mean really I start 2cycles every day and couldnt get this saw started for the life of me.

    Anyway, so far it is the best saw I have owned, stihl brand is top notch in my book. BTW which saw did you buy?
  8. AAELI

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    The reason I attempted to explain the starting procedure is I was a Stihl dealer for almost 9 years. I have run across this same failure to start until I show the customer again the correct procedure. It has happened also with the larger saws Shindaiwa made 10 years ago. I was also a Shindaiwa dealer for 11 years.

    This really is a simple procedure to follow no matter if you have the "easy start" or not. The thumb activated switch is a great feature once you get the hang of it. Your dealer should have been able to take time to explain in order to eliminate all this. But having said this to over 500 customers a year I know it goes in one ear, sometimes, and out the other.

    There are 4 positions: Full up is off, next down is run, next is half-choke and finally full choke. P;acing the lever in the full choke position you pull the starter cord and listen for the engine to 'kick, puff, cough, spit or whatever you call the initial fire that happens when gas is ignited only to be snuffed out by the choke condition. Then place the lever in the next position up from choke which is the half-choke. Make sure the chain brake is engaged before yanking on the starter rope. It will start if you have not flooded it. Once it starts and you pull on the trigger it will rev and clear out the abundance of gas. Letting go of the trigger will let the engine drop back to idle.

    Most flooding occurs when you fail to hear that initial fire up and keep on yanking the rope with the choke lever in the full choke position. A good practice is to only pull two or three times with full choke before placing the lever in the half-choke position. It never fails to start for me when my customers bring it in flooded. They think I am bewitched. I explain I am blessed with a good sense of smell....gassssss.
  9. sheshovel

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    And you forgot to tell him to put the choke in the off position once the saw is started.
  10. lawnmaniac883

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    When you bump the trigger the choke is automatically turned off. If you have used one then you know what I mean.

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