Stick edger versus walk behind 4 wheel edger

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by ITL, May 1, 2005.

  1. ITL

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    Lawnsite Team

    What are the benefits of a hand held stick edger over a walk behind 4 wheel blade edger. We currently use a 4 wheel walk behind edger that is getting close to its end of life and I am trying to determine if I should get a stick edger to replace it or another walk behind. How easy are the stick edgers to use and set the edging depth?

    Thanks Wayne
  2. fromTEXAS!

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    the benefit of a stick edger is faster to use saves you more time than would a convential walkbehind edger but if the yard is really bad in over grown grass like where i live the st. agustine can grow quite long be good to use the walkbehind since they tend too have more power.
  3. wojo23323

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    Exactly what he said.
  4. Runner

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    Also, if you have any props that have any plentiful amount of edging, a wheeled is better, too. Anything over 5 minutes worth, break out the wheeled edger. There is just SO much less fatigue with it compared to a stick edger. Don't get me wrong, a stick isn't that bad, but you do have to keep down pressure applied. After 5 minutes, the feasibility of the "quick off the trailer" is outweighed. With a wheeled edger, it's like all you have to do is hold on loosely, and don't even have to carry it.
  5. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I agree with runner, but I like the stick on flower beds, never have been able to get the wheeled edger to preform in the yard around a bed :dizzy:
  6. ITL

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    from SW OH
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    Thanks Lawnsite Team

    I was hoping to make a big gain over my wheeled edger. Looks like the gain could be less than expected as about half of my lots are grouped together. This permits me to pull wheel edger and run multiple poperties with each tool. I still might get one for the single properties where the stick edger would be used a few minutes. But looks like I will not be eliminating the stick edger from the trailer. Now I will have more time to study which brand. Looking at the 4mix Stihl or the Redmax both in the straight shaft version.

    Thanks again

  7. drsogr

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    I have a stihl stick edger...I love it! It works faster than I could trim with it. It works great. I couldn't do without it.
  8. hole in one lco

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    hands down the stick edger it easier for curbs
  9. DynaMow

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    i have both, once edge established never use anything but stick edger. twice as fast for me the bigger the place the more times it saves
  10. craigs lawncare

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    I have been eying Stihl stick edgers as well... is there that much more power with the Stihl 4Mix over the other Stihl models?


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