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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by challenger55, Dec 27, 2003.

  1. challenger55

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    hey guys,

    for the coming season i am looking for a stick edger

    things to look for

    does it have enough power?
    do i want the straight of curve shaft?
    will it clog a lot?
    will the engine start in 1or2 pulls?

    choices considering
    sthil, redmax, shindaiwa

    sthil has the best customer support
    also what is the mix ratio for the sthil
  2. NCSULandscaper

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    I would also look at what husqvarna offers too. I run husqvarna edgers and could not be happier with power and weight. NEver had it clog up before either. Plus price is good.
  3. Team Gopher

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    Hi Challenger,

    Here is a large post that deals with edgers.
  4. hole in one lco

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    i run all kawasaki edger trimmers blowers they are lite and powerful and start every time good price and quality
  5. BW4486

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    I would go stihl FS85, plenty of power, never clogs, mix ratio 50:1
    and straight shaft
  6. Doster's L & L

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