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Stick Edgers


LawnSite Member
I've never had a use for a stick edger, and this year i'm looking to pick up a few properties in more urban areas with sidewalks. I love how sidewalks look when edged properly. Laser straight edges, clean, perfect...

How do you guys like using this tool?
What are the cons?
Are there any other creative ways to use the tool besides edging sidewalks?


Jason Rose

LawnSite Fanatic
Find a Stihl dealer, get at minimum the FC-95. Horsepower is your friend with the stick edger, and the 4 mix engines have a lot more torque already compared to a 2 stroke powered unit.

Once you establish an edge with the edger you can sometimes get by with edging every other week, or using the trimmer sometimes too. I'll use the trimmer to edge with when it's just to wet to use the edger.

Cons? Well if you have been using the trimmer to edge all the time before, now you have another tool you have to use at each stop. It does add time to the job if you haven't been doing it before. Also if a property hasn't been edged properly for a long time and the edges are grown over the pavement a fe inches+ it WILL be a long job to get them cut back again. Plan on extra time and take a shovel to scoop up the excess. The Sthil edgers will cut thru overgrowth like this but you still have to work at it, going forward and then pull it backward to get everything. A good old walk behind edger is great for cutting new edges. If you keep your eyes open you can find good ones cheap at garage sales. I paidbig bucks for a craftsman because I wanted one NOW one time. What a mistake. Buy an older model, any brand, or buy a mclane new. But like I said, the walk behind edger isn't a necessity unless you are cutting a lot of new edges.

I use mine every week on most properties. I put the eye on the edges every time and determine if they "need" edged or if they can wait another week.


LawnSite Platinum Member
i have the older stihl kombi motor with the edger attachment and it is one of the best edgers i've used. that thing will even make an excellent looking edge when it hasn't been edged in awhile. can't be to much over growth though.

i have a walkbehind edger i use once or twice on everyone's property at the beginning and end of the season but during the rest of the time i use it on a weekly basis. much easier and quicker than using the trimmer and you save your line on the trimmer as well.

the only con for me is i'm so tall it seems the loop handle is to low and i'm bending over a little. still trying to find the most comfortable place to put the loop handle since it is movable.


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Orlando, FL
Like the guy said above, with the St. Augustine we have in the south, you have to edge every week. I wouldn't do lawns without my edger. Way faster than a trimmer and doesn't waste line, plus I think it looks way better. I use Stihl, go with a Stihl 4 mix. Some guys like the curved shaft, some like the straight shaft, having owned both I can say I like the curved much better, I think it leaves a hell of a better edge.