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    finally i broke down and bought a new stihl stick edger commercial version.too good to be true. any one without one needs to get one i was a loyal push edger person and an earlier discussion quite a few guys sworw by them and i am surprised not more did<p>doug
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    I never had a stick edger. I have used a Red Max one before. I think stick edgers are great for established egdes. They also work great for the curbs. I just haven't broke down and got one yet. This year I think I'm going to get one!! I know I say that every year but this is it. Good for you go out and edge away. Just watch when its wet out the blade gets stuck from all the mud between the guard.<br>Good Luck and enjoy I'm right behind you!<br>Travis<br>AG&G Lawn Maintenance :)
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    Remove the guard and go!!! Edge the LONG runs and string trim the rest. I use mine for the large projects and the ones with alot of vehicles around.

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