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dennis ma.
I agree there'd is always wiggle room but here is my take on it. Get a good price on your mowers but......
Remember the fact that if you beat your dealer up to the point of frustration you will definitely regret that decision when it comes to servicing ALL OF YOUR EQUIPMENT. Just like us with a pita customer your dealer will get what's his. Just my take on it. Good luck.
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I've never paid sticker price for a piece of equipment. Always keep the haggling conversation respectful and "upbeat." People are always willing to work with you if they're in a better mood. You can usually get 10% off sticker no problem.


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When I was in sales I never cut a deal to an A hole. Some one with a cool head always got what they wanted from me.

10% is a good rule, but I would shoot down to 20 and meet at 15% off for any retail sales in any market. With used sale I offer 35% less with a willing to go to 25.


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I would suggest calling around a couple different dealers in your area that carry the same mower that you are interested in. One dealer may be a lot higher than the other. You may find that you don't have to haggle much if at all. As the guys above said between 10-20% isn't unreasonable for them to come off of.


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Baltimore Md
Never pay sticker price

Darryl G

I agree, discount for large equipment such as mowers. However, for the smaller stuff all the dealers around me sell at or around suggested retail and I don't try to beat them up on it.


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it depends on the dealer...they only came off 100 bucks on my mower but it was already priced really it for $7900...they wouldn't come off at all of things like blowers, trimmers, etc....other dealers may have it marked up higher and then come off $1000...just depends