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Sticker Shock

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Frank2, May 19, 2003.

  1. Frank2

    Frank2 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 102

    Sorry for the length.

    How many of you guys sticker shock your customers when giving a bid? It seems like i sticker shock every single one of them. Even the jobs that I get, they are still sticker shocked. I know I am competitively priced. I am by know means cheap, but I do get the going rate. I just don't understand what these people think the price is going to be. It's unbelievable. Here is just three examples from today alone.

    1) Commercial Account. Takes two hours to do solo. I charge $100 w/k. The president of the company found out the price today from the general manager who hired me and went nuts. Said we will pay $50 w/k....tell him not to do the back field(large piece of grass in the back) He says we will have you mow it once a month in the back. I said no, that is not how it works. Either I do it every week or not at all. Says not at all, he will hire someone to brush hog it a couple of times over the summer.

    2)Gave a bid three weeks ago to a guy to cut his place and sisters place. $60 and $40 a week, respectively. He was sticker shocked and said no thanks. He will keep cutting himself. Properties are 36,000 SF and about 10,000 SF(no trailer access down road to 10,000 sf property and part needs a 21".) Calls me today....his mover broke down and the properties need to be cut....when can I do it? I was like you want to sign on for the yearly maintenance? Says....oh no, just a one time cut. Neither property has been cut yet this year. Advised the prices will not be $60 and $40, but hourly based on my time there... 2-4 hrs on each property....he couldn't believe it. I didn't even give him a price, he said he will get his mower fixed quicker and do it himself.

    3) Commercial bid....corner lot, for bi-weekly maintenance, mulching, and shrub pruning. Checked out property over weekend and spoke with him tonight. Gave him bid.
    - Mulch (cedar/hemlock mix)....beds prepped, edged, weeded and mulch put down at 3". I measured it out, needs 12 yards @ $75/yrd installed.
    - $210 for the shrub pruning.
    - $75/wk for maintenance.
    He was in his car when I spoke with him...I think he almost went off the road. Only wants bi-weekly maintenance...I said ok...$150 every two weeks. He was like that is the same price as $75/wk...I was like exactly, we don't do bi-weekly.
    As far as the mulch...he said he put it down last year with two mexicans, only needed 6 yards (it showed, he must have put it down like sprinkles on an ice cream cone) He couldn't believe the price. Said it was "absurd"

    Just needed to vent. I guess I should just start working for $5 a job like 12 year old johnny down the street. UNBELIEVABLE.
  2. I was going to write a post on this...

    I read many moons ago about the "WOW" factor, always, I mean always act like you give high dollar bids all the time, don't change your attitude just because of the price on the bid.

    And what ever you do, if figuring up a bid in front of them, don't let them see you sweat.

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