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I was just at my local lesco dealer getting fertilizer and thriugh talking with the guy he convinced mr to buy a sticker to mix with my herbicides. I told him its very hard to put herbicides down now because of all the rain and he was telling me a sticker will make it water proof in a hour and make the herbiceide work more efficiently. whats your experiences? I bought a gallon of it and was told to mix at a ounces for 4 gallons.


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I started using speader sticker a few years ago when I was having trouble killing ivy. After I mixed it will my herbicide I had good results and from that day on I always use it in any liquid mixture.


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Sticker (surfactant) is beneficial in applying pesticides, and necessary for some, most notably Manage. But it does not make your application waterproof. Surfactants act by breaking surface tension of the water droplets and allowing them to adhere to the weed leaf better. Thus you have more of your application working on the weeds, and achieve higher efficacy and probably a quicker rainfast effect.


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well today and sprayed 20 lawns with trimec plus and used the spreader sticker for the first time. I finished at about 12 oclock and now i find out rain is forcasted for this evening.... will the sticker make it more effective if we do get the rain then wiothout the sticker? For the 20 dollars a gallon that the sticker costs it is well worth it even if it helps at all. The recomended rate is 1- 3 quarts for every 100 gallons of herbicide. considering each lawn only takes about 3-4 gallons of herbice to blanket it with a back pack this sticker will last me forever!


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I know some of the Pros of this site will frown on this reply,,BUT it works.
Do not spend $20.00 a gal on a sticker!!!!!
Buy the cheapest dishwashing liquid you can find and mix at approx 2 oz per gal. try this, it really does work.
All stickers help reduce service tension and softens the outer coating of plant tisue, using it will give better results, but don't expect good results if it rains witin 4 to 12 hrs. depends on the plant.


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I use a super sticker that costs about $100 a gal. It is much more than just a soap. It opens the stomatas to accept more chemical thereby getting it into the plant faster. I use it with many different herbicides. It has on the label that you can reduce the amount of Roundup used when you use it. The amount used is not very high, maybe 1 oz in a 2.5 gal sprayer. I like it much better than Tide! Just kidding, don't get mad.

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