Stickin to my guns Part II

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Liquidfast, Apr 7, 2006.

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    I have a wonderful customer who, in the beginning, I must admit, I made fun of every chance I could get because she was pretty demanding. Well, when it came time to drum up some biz for the summer, I opted to exclude this customer from the roster due to being rejected (or so I thought). Now, this lady lives in a very well to do neighborhood and is somewhat affluent.

    I bit the bullet and had my secretary contact her to offer our services. The customer who I mocked at every visit is now my third highest paying customer x2!

    I sold her on her property, fertilzing, pruning, edging, spring and fall clean ups for two properties. Her first home brings in $212 per month and the second, $185/mth. Again, I get the call that for her second home she rec'd four flyers and the quotes ranged from $120-140/mth. And, once again, I stated that she should use the services of the company offering such awesome rates and if (I did say "if") they don't show up or request more money for the same services, I would be there to bail her out......she hesitated, asked again if I could come down in price but I stood my ground and after the call ended, I got my price and now her aunts house too.

    Not bad for a slightly overweight yet good-lookin black guy from New York! :dancing:
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    Not bad for a slightly overweight yet good-lookin black guy :dancing:[/QUOTE]

    You just descr:weightlifter: ibed me LOL

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