Sticky Predicament with local competitor - any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Mar 29, 2012.

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    I say turn him in. There is a reason for licenses ACCOUNTABILITY. So tht when or if something goes wrong or someone gets sick, they can see wht chemicals were put down and resolve it. Not only do licenses protect us, they protect the public. In which our industry is fed by the public. It is your responsibility to as an educated & licensed business owner to protect the public and yourself/family from dumba$$ putting down chem/fert illegally.
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    Darin let it go. Stop worrying what other people are doing. If you truly are as big as you say you are then you wouldn’t have time to deal with this. Stole your customer?? Really Geeze
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    EXACTLY being spiteful and a busybody "tattling" on people is childish
    let it take care of itself and focus on other things
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    I am not saying I am big time in this biz. Just bigger than that guy.
    Would it affect you if you pulled up to a long time good customer and saw a Trubrown flag in the front yard? Just even a little?

    Yes I have enough biz that I shouldn't concern myself with this dude. BUT there are enough other guys on this thread saying turn him in. What does that say?
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    This isn't about losing a customer. Its about the illegal application of chemicals. Atleast Trubrown puts mostly water (lol). Who knows what tht guy is putting down, or if he is using correct application practices. Others may not care, but I'm sure the State and yur neighbors care about what's leaching into drains and other peoples property.
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  6. grassmasterswilson

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    I'm a mind your own business kind of guy. The best route is to tell the customer that he is not liscensed and that since he applied fert that he messed up your application schedule on his lawn. If the customer wants to use an unliscensed person it is by there own choice.

    If I spent time worring about whether someone was legal or not I'd probably go out of business. Best thing to do is to inform your customers that you are a legal applicator and hopefully if they bid you out they will remember and ask the other companies about there liscenses.

    Good luck. Be careful about buring bridges you might get stuck!
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    As hard as I worked to get a Florida CPO, you better Believe I get super up tight about Illegal applicators. They are stealing mine or some CPO's work and dragging down my industry. I won't turn in a Guy spraying Roundup, etc. I am talking the guys wholesale spreading Grub Control or spraying weeds in the turf.

    It is easier to Smile and Wave at them as you dial the Dept of Agriculture and E mail that Picture.

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    It seems to me there are 2 parts to this story.

    #1 is the part about this person applying without proper licenses. I would definitely report him. I have done this several times and will continue to do so. At first I didn't but eventually I realized nothing would change if I didn't. These persons were not going to stop out of good conscience and the homeowner's were going to turn them in or stop because they feel like they are getting a service "cheaper" than someone who is properly licensed. There is nothing "Sticky" about this. You are the only one who will report him and it is the clear cut right thing to do.

    #2 is the part about the other services (legitimately I assume) that this person is performing. You mention he is doing business in your neighborhood and it peeves you. If he obtained the business in an legal and ethical manner I don't see what your problem is other than personal pride. You can't expect to get all the work everywhere.
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