stiffed twice in one week!

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by wooley99, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. wooley99

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    I've been lucky up to now but I got stiffed for two accounts for Sep. Both were moving and Sep was the last month of service. The first one wasn't there as agreed and I didn't get paid. Yesterday I found out the other one payed me with a check on a closed account.

    Her I can turn over to the state's attorney but I'm still out the money.

    Between those two accounts gone and all the July - Aug new accounts that suddenly can mow for themselves now that the heat and humidity are down I'm working half days.

    Oh well, more time for :drinkup: I guess.
  2. Sweet Tater

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    more time, but is there enough $$ for the keg?
  3. LawnSite Fanatic
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    I've only been stiffed once this year. From the Pastor at our chuch no less!

    Hasnt responded to phone calls, emails or late notices. Just turned him over to a collection agency.

    Nice HUH?
  4. green-pa

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    That's funny but yet sad. I hate being ignored. I'd turn him over too, unless he man up and at least work something out or ackowledge your the fact that he owes u for service rendered.
  5. Tim Wright

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    Pur a mechanics lien on the offering plate!!!


  6. Uranus

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    I went door knocking today. I'm still pissed at a lady who was trying to quiet the dog as I rang the door bell for 10 minutes straight.

    Funniest 10 minutes of my life. OH yes, I got the money too
  7. topsites

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    You don't want to drown your troubles in alcohol, that only makes it worse, alcohol and drugs cloud your judgement.
    Not only does it not fix it, but when that problem comes around again you still don't have a solution.
    Meanwhile it weakens you, makes you less able to resist (walk away from) the next loser, because you won't even see it coming.

    I see some customers do it, they want to get up in my face about some bs and I'm like no that isn't how it works...
    Or someone else does it to them, for whatever reason, and they feel that they lost so then they go get drunk.
    That's no good, regardless of who did what.
    It's either you or them, that much I know, it is sad but don't let it be you.

    What you do is take control of the situation and get up in their face about it, if they moved out with or without notice and left you hanging, I'd take this straight to and get an Instant Collect + credit record, that includes a free NCOA (National Change of Address) thing via the post office. If it's over 250 you can later 'sell' it to their parent company for a 30% commission IF they collect (you get 70%) and you might not see your money right away but if you never see it at least it's on their credit record for 7 years.

    That's what I did, I got someone did that to me on 255 owed, I sent my usual letters right to that address, don't care if they're not there because that is not my problem, now I'm just waiting 30 days while the late fees ring up at the tune of 15 / day, then I turn that crap over to the collection agency for a grand total of 735 dollars.

    That funny bill skipper best hope they died or left the country, all I gotta say.

    I just might have to try that, what's the longest you'd recommend?
  8. green-pa

    green-pa LawnSite Senior Member
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    Ha, ha, haaaa!

    I got stiffed two times this year. Once, from some young dude who I think smokes too much mary jane and thinks he's a rap star who can ignore me or something. The other is an old lady that is extremely senile or has alzheimers. I just dropped both of them and am moving on since I don't have them on contract and they are just pay per time I'm not sure how much I can do. They are right by each other so it's just $40 total they both owe. It's not breakin' me but it IS annoying.
  9. LawnSite Fanatic
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    Believe me, if it wasnt illegal to do so, I would!
  10. SLR

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    supposed christians that do such should die by the sword!
    You SHOULD at least go to church service one sunday Capelawncare, and drop a note in the offering plate stating: " I cannot not pay my 10percent tithe as.. YOU are holding my 90%!!

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