Stihl 4-mix line


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Camden AR
Considering the Stihl 4-mix line of trimmers, edgers & etc. Any feedback from anyone who has used these. Weight, power fuel efficency?

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Decent power, a little heavy....

The main issue is that you are dealing with a 4 cycle that has 18 to 20 moving parts and you have to do valve adjustments every 100 hours or so....that SUCKS!!

I don't like the idea of the extra maintenance involved got plenty to do already.

I'm sticking with quality commercial 2-cycle equipment like Echo, RedMax etc..


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Grass Master:
You don't sell Stihl do you? Is this why your opinion of the Stihl is what it is?
You prefer to promote the brands you sell is this not the case?

We have the FS110 Trimmers.
Love them a lot. The weight difference between the FS110 and FS85 is very slight.


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I used my FS110 RX 4-mix all last year with no problems. I plan on purchasing a FS110 to use as a backup trimmer and edger.

As far as the weight, the diffence is not noticable as it is a well balanced machine.

It is not lacking in power as it will cut through almost anything.


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Vancouver, WA
I use the new Stihl 4-mix trimmer but prefer my FS 85 two stroke. The 4-mix seems a little bulkier BUT it sips fuel so you don't have to stop a re-fuel as often.