Stihl 4 mix , the throw away trimmers.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dishboy, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. dishboy

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    They run great at first until the cam pins wear in the cover and in the engine block and then it's shortblock time. Mine had the equivalent of one years solo use before it self destructed. Run fron Stihl. You would think they would at least use a $2.00 brass bushing in the wait how can you sell new trimmers when things are actually easily repairable? It's pretty sad when the new trimmer is fit for the garbage can and the eight year old Shindaiwa T270 is still is kicking butt.
    I am going to drop $25.00 for a new cam and cover and JB weld the block side pin back in, maybe I can buy a year. New short block prices at $155.00 before labor.
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  2. LandFakers

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    Ouch. Even my homeowner husqvarna 123L is still alive after 7 years, boy is that thing light. All these companies need to stop cheating out, I can't even keep the the back pad on my redmax blower. OH! And the 25 year old shindaiwa 500 chainsaw starts first, pull, they don't make em like that anymore...
  3. Roger

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    I was just thinking a couple of days ago, "It has been a long time since a thread bashing ( ) has been posted. Stihl was one of the candidates for the blank. Bingo, now we have one. Just make a yell-out to all the Stihl haters to show up to add their negative stories, most of which are repeats from previous threads.

    This is not to say the OP had troubles with the year-old 4-Mix trimmer. There is a list, not very long, for which there are either strong negatives, or strong positives. Stihl is one of the names that brings out both extremes.
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  4. mikeypizano

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    I have been using my FS90 for a year and it runs great...
  5. ed2hess

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    Don't worry many of these units don't get much use on them anyway. Actually this is the type of information I am interested in. I can guess that a 4-mix is going to be harder to work on than the old 2 stroke bangers. I got 3 4-mix machines and they constantly in the shop for one kind of problem or another. Mainly difficult to get the units to start when they are hot....always flooding.
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  6. Realslowww

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    It is the same thing in MOTO X and people are trying to go back to 2 smokes,everybody finally figured out if you don't need valves why run them? a 2 smoker you just throw a new piston in it and it runs like new again. :)
  7. SouthSide Cutter

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    Always ran Echo 210-261-265- 280 never ever worked on any of them. And they were run hard. Went to the Stihl FS100RX. Really liked them, fit my right arm really good while holding them up by mtr. And just like the way they felt while running. Did they hold up like the Echoes, nope. After two years they had to have work. Would I buy them again yes just because I liked the way they felt and run for that time. And over two years it isnt that much to keep upgraded with new equipment.
  8. lawnboy dan

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    i like to bash sthil too but the shindy c4,s i bought didnt last long either.
  9. Schuley

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    Wow i must be doing something wrong... Lol. I have a 3 year old 4-mix and a 2 year old 4-mix that dont give me any issues....
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  10. ed2hess

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    All brands run fine for 3 or 4 years but every brand made these days will begin to fail and that is where the big problems can begin. Trying looking at replacing the cam in your units or a main bearing. If you haven't had any failures then your use is very very low.
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