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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by anj, Feb 8, 2007.

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    I Found Out Something About My Blower Today. I Have The 550 And We Were Out Working Today. My Helper Hit The End Of My Tube With Weeder String As He Was Putting A Line On A Bed. I Know That Their Is A Little Brush Tipe Thing In The End Of The Tube So I Looked In The End Of The Tube. Sure Enough It Was Gone. I Thought It Had Something To Do With The Performance So I Called My Dealer Who Told Me It Was To Prevent Static Build-up. I Thought Okay Its No Big Deal And Then He Asked Me If I Could See The Cable In The Tube That Held The Brush And If I Had Noticed Any Change In Operation Because The Cable Could Get Caught In The Fan. When I Got Home I Took The Tube Off And The Cable Was Hanging In The Blower Just Above Where The Tube Connects. I Really Dont Know If The Timmer Line Knocked The Brush Out Or Not So I Would Advise Everyone To Check Their Blower.
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    I don't understand how a cable inside the outlet side of the fan gets caught in the fan? I assume it is a simple grounding wire from the brush back to the engine?
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    It May Be A Grounding Wire Cable Or What Ever The Issue Is The Wire Is Hanging Above The Fan Once The Brush Is Gone Which Could Become Caught In The Fan. This Wire Is The Same Diameter Of Your Breakaway Cable For Your Trailer Brakes And Has A Metal Tab On The End Of It. I Did Not Think It Was A Big Deal Until I Looked At It For Myself And I Did Remove It. Dont Downplay What I Said If You Have This Equipment I Still Would Advise You To Look At It.
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    other than that how do you like the blower?

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