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Stihl 94r/111rx vs. Maruyama B300l

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Good evening I’m a new member and this is my first post, but looking for some help and advice. So I’m sure this is in the wrong section and there’s been a million responses to older threads…

I’m a solo owner/operator as a side business and looking for a new main every day use trimmer. I currently run a Stihl 90r, have had it for several years and have had zero issues with it but it’s heavy and dosent swing like an echo SRM-225. I save the 90r for thicker stuff or brush cutting with a blade these days. My every day “run around” a house trimmer is a Echo SRM-225 and it’s been trouble free. Light weight, reliable, and parts when needed are cheap and easy to get. Down side to the Echo is it obviously lacks power when you get into thicker stuff “I run it with no guard”. Main thing is I don’t want to go back to the trailer to get a bigger trimmer to finish the job.

I’ve gotten the new trimmer narrowed down to either a Stihl 94r, 111rx, or Maruyama B300L.

I’ve handled the Echo 2620, Stihl 94r, and Maruyama b300L. “Haven’t touched a 111rx yet”. The Maruyama felt the lightest and most comfortable and has a solid shaft in case the 90r dies and I need to run a blade.

I do like all of my Stihl stuff and have had great experiences with Echo, but the Maruyama is very interesting. My main concern is dealer warranty fulfillment and parts availability if I need to work on it myself “which I can easily do”.

Also I’m not against trying different brands, but have a solid Stihl dealer right around the corner, Echo is 45 minutes, and two Maruyama dealers about 45 as well…. But no Husky or Redmax within reason, big box only for Husky.

I appreciate any help or advice with my struggle!
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I’d say it mostly depends on your dealer and what’s closest to you. Not a lot of Maruyama dealers here, but they’re solid trimmers from my limited experience with them. I’d say skip the 94 since they’ve had some serious carb and coil issues, and the 2620 is a great trimmer for your use, but it’s not a solid shaft. Since the Maruyama checks most of your boxes, I’d say go for them. Regardless of which one you pick, keep the 90R for brush work. Those 4mix trimmers are the king for blade work since they’ve got some killer torque
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