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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Carriage House, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. Carriage House

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    I am the new owner of a used (free!) stihl 029 chainsaw that the previous owner ran straight gas through scoring the piston and cylinder on the exhaust side. I have it all broken down a convinced that it is worth saving. My question, I don't want to spend the small fortune that the dealer wants for a piston and jug (I almost fell out of my chair, be better off buying a new one for another 100 bucks) how decent are the ones on ebay for right around 100 bucks that they call no name aftermarket. There are a ton of them, just wondering if anyone on here has tried them.

    Thanks for any insight.
  2. topsites

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    Honestly speaking what you're describing would likely be best to shortblock it and if you're shocked by that $100 part price and
    think you can buy another for that, think again Stihl chainsaws START at $240 new and that price dates back more than a few years.

    The 029 is today known as the 290 and I believe that particular "Farm Boss" chainsaw sells for at least $300,
    maybe more like 400 or more, I don't know but the 021 (210) qualifies for the $240 starting price.

    Stihl is a proprietary brand machine meaning only the Stihl corporation supplies parts for it making little difference in the price
    insofar as where you buy them, granted those folks on Ebay may offer a slightly better price than your dealer but be forewarned:
    If the part isn't made by the Stihl corporation, it will NOT work!

    So whatever it is you're buying, if the part is meant for a Stihl machine then it's made by Stihl.
    Whether it's sold on Ebay, or at your dealer's.
    And if it ain't made by Stihl and it doesn't say Stihl OEM part, I can pretty much guarantee it won't work.

    Keep in mind also before ordering, the seller's return policy (and who pays the shipping) and also the shipping cost.
    Yes, even with original Stihl parts you NEED to know their return policy JUST in case.

    And you may yet find out, the savings aren't that great.
    But it can be a little less on Ebay vs. the dealers.
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  3. topsites

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    I wasn't sure what you were referring to insofar as those "ones on ebay for right around 100 bucks that they call no name aftermarket."
    Whether you meant the piston and jug, or a whole another chainsaw.
    If it's parts, I believe I covered that.

    But I can assure you if it's a chainsaw, that Farm Boss didn't cost $360+ for no good reason and if you're thinking that a $100
    Ebay no brand name chainsaw can do the things that a Farm Boss can, you are sadly, sadly mistaken.
    That would be like seeing if a $500 moped can do what a $3,000 Kawasaki motorcycle can do.

    I have both an 021 and a 210.
    The smallest models.

    I can guarantee they'll outperform those $100 no brand namers, all day long, even 8-10 years old as mine are.
    I'll run circles around those no brand namers, one handed, with either of my saws.

    And that Farm Boss?

    The 029 is a SERIOUS saw.

    You could probably sell it "as is" on Ebay for $100 :laugh:
    So if you want to fix it up I'd spend the $100+ on a shortblock but I would ask your dealer if that should be all it needs,
    then you have to be somewhat familiar with replacing an engine (including details such as setting magneto gap).
    But it is worth it, assuming the rest of the saw is in some kind of shape.
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  4. rwaters

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    I dissagree with topsites as I have seen a few aftermarket stihl parts. I am not sure I would rebuild a good saw with junk parts though as the aftermarket parts are made in china from what I have seen. To me it is the same as what Husquvarna does when thy put orange plastic on the poulan saws and sell them at lowes and tractor supply. Junk is junk no matter what logo is on it.
  5. anixon92

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    i have used aftermarket parts in alot of machines and have not had any problems with them. stens are great aftermarket parts.
  6. Carriage House

    Carriage House LawnSite Member
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    Thanks for the help guys.

    Just to clarify, I was referring to the packages on ebay that include a new piston, jug and rings for $100.00 or so with shipping. When I called the local Stihl dealer he wanted over 250 for the same thing. Not to mention I need a muffler etc...

    I think the saw is worth rebuilding it is super clean and looks like some ya-hoo just ran straight gas through it, scoring the cylinder and piston but the connecting rod is super tight etc... I just don't want to spend more than the price of a new one on parts for an old one. I don't mind doing the labor etc..
  7. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    Yeah, if you have experience rebuilding engines then those parts should be fine, there were a host of concerns
    on my part in terms of that and some other things but from what you just said, I think you should be all right there.

    I mean you're taking a small chance, again if it were mine I would double-check the seller's return policy as I feel it might
    be worth buying from one who accepts returns because not all sellers do, despite the best of intentions sometimes the
    right part isn't the right part anymore after it gets to my house...

    But anyhow, there are no inherent or explicit problems ordering parts through Ebay per se, Stihl or not,
    so long you know a little of something about what you are doing.

    Peace out, and good luck
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  8. steve--

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    That's absolutely false. I've ordered countless aftermarket Stihl parts (bearings, pistons, rings, cranks, starter assemblies, clutches), and have used them to rebuild, and do repairs on countless Stihl products. In fact, just yesterday I went down to a local bearing supplier, and ordered two crankbearings for a stihl saw of mine. The guy are the bearing supplier matched the bearings spec for spec with bearings that are neither made by or for Stihl.

    It is also common knowledge that you can buy aftermarket big-bore, and stroker kits for Stihl saws, with replace the original cranks, cylinders, pistons and rings.

    I find it amazing that you would make such a claim as this to someone on here.
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  9. ricky86

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    Some of Stihls replacement part prices are out of line. Lower them and sell more. But that's not their philosophy. Maintain the profit margin. The black market parts COULD be a bargain. That's the problem. You never know. And nobody on this site knows either.
    Quality control. That's why i don't understand why some knuklehead would try and save a couple of dollars on filters. I have used 3 cylinder "kits" on larger displacement saws. I knew the risks and resold them. 1 is fine. 1 has some issues with detonation (which could very well be the owner) and one failed quick. Piston pin retainer groove in piston wasn't machined right. Wiped out the saw, and my wallet.
    As they saw "lay yer money down and yer take yer chances". Nobody here should say they are bad nor good. Bad advice. They don't know. Depends on the individual part you get. MS290 are over 400.00
  10. pugs

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    Honestly its not worth rebuilding. You just said you need a muffler also. So say you put a cylinder/piston/muffler in it. A month later you have a problem with the recoil or the clutch. I dont know what a muffler goes for, but with parts and labor you are probably past half the price of a new saw(even if doing it yourself, your time isnt free). Go the other half and get a new one with a warranty.

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