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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HitchC&L, May 4, 2011.

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    I need a power broom, and I already have all stihl handtools.

    I have looked into both the stihl gearbox attachment to attach to the 130 trimmer, as well as buying the 130 KombiSystem and adding the power broom attachment

    It is roughly the same price to buy another trimmer and the broom attachment, as it is to buy the Kombi motor and broom attachment, but with the Kombi I would have to spend another 1-200 to add the trimmer attachment to have the same capabilities.

    Im not looking to change attachments very often but I would like to be able to add a few of the pieces to my equipment list. (edger, rubber broom, bristle broom, all of which are available in gearbox attachments)

    Im never going to want the hedge trimmer or polesaw attachments for the Kombi system, and most of the others I can get as a gearbox attachment to the regular trimmer.

    Is the Kombi system that much better than just doing the gearbox attachment? How strong is the attachment on the Kombi system? It looks accident prone to me

    I feel that buying another trimmer that I will just add gearbox attachments to will be worth it, speed changes aren't my priority, because its not going to be a primary "trimmer" just be used for a multi use machine, I just need someone to back up my decision to feel better about it.

    Anyone who has a similar setup, either the KombiSystem or someone who uses the gearbox attachments?
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    I've got a Kombi, and love it; but if I weren't going to use a pole saw, then I'd go gearbox.
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    Well, the rubber broom and bristle broom use the same gearbox. You can buy the rubber broom, and then just the bristle rollers and save a bunch.
    Even with the Kombi, you've got to loosen and rotate the broom gearbox if you want to switch it from pushing to pulling. Oh, and that gearbox is the same as the one for the cultivator too, so if you buy the broom, you just need to buy the tines and you have a cultivator.
    The edger has a different gearbox though.

    The Kombi joint is at least as strong as the shaft itself. No issues there.
    The only issue I've had, is that the plastic bushing on the tool side, that centers the shaft and aligns the joint, falls out on one of my tools. It probably needs replacement, but the joint clamp itself is fantastic.

    The real difference in price between the Kombi and gearbox, is that each Kombi attachment comes with the short shaft. That adds $30-40 to each attachment (over the price of just the gearbox).
    Otherwise, they share the same parts.
    Which means: if you did buy the Kombi with say the broom gearbox and an edger, and one of your Stihl trimmer engines died on the job, you could always pull a gearbox tool from the end of the kombi shaft and swap with a trimmer head and keep working.
    It kind of defeats the purpose of buying a machine with the Kombi joint, but it would work.

    I love my kombi, but if you're just switching between the rubber and bristle brooms, there's no point to it. If you're going to be switching up and back with that edger, then I'd think about the Kombi. The joint stays cleaner (keeping you from getting dirt into your gearbox), and yeah, the tool-less switch is very nice.

    Oh, and although I'm not a fan of curved shaft tools some people swear by them, and the Kombi is the only way to switch between a curved shaft edger (curves to the right), curved shaft trimmer (curves down), and a straight shaft tool, all with one engine. Can't do that with just swapping gearbox ends.

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