Stihl backpack blower and Stihl straight shaft trimmer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scagboy227, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. scagboy227

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    Im looking foe both of these used for a good price. If you have either post here or pm me and i will be gladley to buy off of you for a reasonable price.
  2. dcplace2004

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    Stihl FS110R--List 442.90...I paid 349.00 plus .085 tax = 378.67
    Stihl BR 600 --List 604.33...I paid 469.95 plus .085 tax = 509.90

    I am in Wa. state and am not sure what others are paying or how good of a price these were...I assume they are good prices but may be wrong...the prices here are similar to where I lived before, Houston, Texas...hope this helps...also, a great handheld is the BG85C 2-cycle...List 272.39 I paid 206 plus tax = 223.51...It is 459 cfm at the big tube not the sweeper tube...and, as always, as my business gets bigger, all my things are PAID for with cash...anything after that is profit...makes no sense to take out huge loans until maybe later when the business gets much bigger and maybe not even then...peace...
  3. Richard Martin

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    Since I see this post either being closed or removed altogether...

    I disagree with the above statement in it's entirety. The same people who say that they pay cash for everything are the same one's who complain that they can't get a decent rate on a loan when they need one. Will you pay cash for a $400k house? What about that $30k truck or car? The little loans are the ones that set you up for getting good rates on big loans. And what about the increased tax deduction? And you could always take that chunk of cash and invest it and make more money than the interest on the loan costs. Did you know that most insurance companies check credit records these days? And did you know that no credit is worse than bad credit?

    There is nothing wrong with financing anything. The problem a lot of people have is abusing their credit. Like Discover Card says, "Just Because You Have The Power Doesn't Mean You Have to Use It." Little power leads to big power.

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