Stihl backpack blower/sprayer for mosquitio control?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tawilson1152, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. tawilson1152

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    I have a campground and am looking for something to use for mosquito control. I also have tentworms which I'm hoping to deal with. I'm considering the Stihl backpack sprayer with the ulv attachment for the fogging effect. Anybody got any insite for me? Any reccomendations for pesticides to use? I am going to get some of the dunks for any standing water areas, but there's a lot of spots that are damp enough for mosquito breeding that I thought I could hit with the sprayer. I know there are foggers out there, but a blower/sprayer would give me two tools in one.
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    A fogger is not recommended by the manufactor of the product Im using, the say a fine mist back back sprayer will work fine, I m using a gas powered one just because i dont have to pump it a thousand times and I will reach farther into areas.
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    Years ago we used methoxachlor (sp) in a backpack mist blower to help with black flies and mosquitoes. I think that Bonide has discontinued Methoxachlor.
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    Solo make a nice backpack mist blower, model 450. Can apply almost any liquid and treats large areas quick.

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