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    I have no idea lol, ill be using mine today at one of my commercial accounts, ill take some pics and let you know how it comes out.
  2. TriCityLawnCareLLC

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    My dealer gave me one to demo. It did well in dry soil- not so well in moist. I would also recommend using the FS110 series power head. I have the 90 and it feels a bit under powered. It gives a decent cut. I took pics but i don't think they do enough justice.
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    Here are some shots using it with the 130 on dry clayish soil with a decent bed edge from last year. IMHO it did a pretty good job. I would come back with a vertical string trimmer and clean up the grass stragglers a bit (this step was not done before the photos were taken). By the way it was set at about 1/2 depth for these shots. I did not experiment with deeper. The 130 handled it well. It should as it has the most power of the Stihl units.

    My process for edging will be:

    1) Rake back mulch from edge a bit
    2) Run Kombi edger
    3) Run vertical string line trimmer for final grass straggler clean up.

    I am pretty picky and this would work for 90% of our accounts. Last year everything was hand cut with spade. Pick up by hand, etc. There was nothing to pick up either with this thing! It did a great job of crumbling and throwing back into bed. I didn't even notice the dirt in bed. It was pretty dry so I am sure wet clay probably be a different story. If I can time my edging to when it is dry I could save days of work with this thing. I did angle it slightly in when using because I like angled edge better than straight up and down. Last note is that we do maintain our edges throughout year with vertical string line trimmer.



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    Thanks for the pics and comments.

    Guess I will stick to my Echo unit. Sounds like the Stihl is doing the same exact thing. We're having a great stretch of dry weather, I almost want to run to all of our mulch jobs this month and edge with the Echo before it gets wet again.

    We did a new property with it the other day that would have taken all day with a crew to spade-edge and did it in an hour with the Echo...around twice to make the edge really nice.
  5. RodneyK

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    Even if we went back mid season and hit it again we would be way ahead of spade edging.
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    I used mine today at one of my big commercials and banged the edging out in about 45 minutes total, that was with rest in between beds and trying to figure out how to use it, and getting comfortable with it. It would usually take 3-4 hours to hand edge this same place.

    I think the edges came out nice, they are alittle rough with the grass overhanging but my guy took a weed whacker and beveled the edge when i was done and it looked great.

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    Could someone pls try it on the KM90, and give a short review if its lacking power or not. Thanks guys. Stihl website says it creates new edges and maintains existing edges.
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    Dose not work as well as I expected. You have to walk backwards while operating it and it does not leave the eadge I was hoping for. Just my two cents worth.
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    I have to have this attachment now. What's another $250?
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    Dude, just pick up 2 then :drinkup:

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