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stihl bg 55


LawnSite Senior Member
does anyone have any experience with a stihl bg 55 handheld blower?


LawnSite Member
I have one...love it. I've used it 3 seasons now, starts on 2nd to 3rd pull each time. I use it to blow grass clippings off my driveway and walkways not for leaves though (I think you would want a bigger back-pack for leaves).

Critical Care

LawnSite Bronze Member
Central Oregon
The BG55 works fine with some limitations. It obviously doesn’t have the power to move piles of pine needles or twigs, but does okay with loose leaves on hard surfaces. Things like pine needles in deep grass can cause problems, or leaves stuck in bushes or woody groundcovers such as some types of juniper.

For years I used the BG55s for final finish work, mostly at commercial accounts. It was used almost 100% of the time for its vac option. It did great for cleaning up cigarette butts, small pieces of paper, etc. We would have one guy with a backpack blower blow leaves and paper up against a wall, or curb, and then another guy with the BG55 come up behind him and vac the stuff up. Worked great.

Problem with the BG55 was its construction, especially for the vac option. Any material sucked up goes through its plastic impeller and is shredded into a bag. It did a good job of sucking things up, but if you’re not careful it could also suck up bark or other objects that don’t shred easily. The hard plastic impeller will break. I even had the plastic casing around the impeller break from an object being sucked up. The rough end of the plastic tube going to the collection bag would typically wear a hole through the bag after a period of time, or the bag would wear through at the stitching for the straps. And, because of the way you hold the blower for its vac option, you typically choked on the exhaust fumes. The newer BG55s look a little different, and perhaps they’ve fixed some of these problems.

Paul Corsetti

LawnSite Member
Valrico Fla
I have one and use it on small quick jobs. some of the small houses take 15 min total to cut ,trim, edge and blow/ small lots/ WE USE THE QUICK EASY TO HANDLE BG 55 to do these yards, 3 yrs no problems