Stihl BG 85D or Redmax HBZ2600 Hand Held Blower???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Talon1189, Sep 29, 2006.


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    What broke man.
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    The issue of Stihl BG85D blowers and catalytic converters was discussed in detail about 6-7 weeks ago.

    I had a BG85C for several years and it failed. I felt the service was more than expected, and had no issue with the longevity of the machine. Without giving it a second thought, I was on the phone in 60 seconds after I realized I was holding a machine that was out of service. My question, "Do you have a new BG85 blower?"

    Bottom line, I went to buy a new one, middle of November. It has NO catalytic converter, rather the same muffler as the blower I bought several years ago. It is a BG85C, not a D model. It was the one the dealer stocked.

    Perhaps some sections of the country are required to sell them with converters, I don't know. But, the one I bought certainly isn't equipped that way. You may want to check with your dealer, or several dealers to see if they have a model C in stock. My dealer did not have any D models.

    When I was at the dealer picking up some maintenance parts about 10 days ago, I saw a BG65 sitting there. I think it was equipped with a converter. Frankly, I didn't do much looking, because I have a new blower and was not interested. The new BG85 that was sitting beside it was still the C model, not converter.

    I know the Stihl web site only discusses the D model, and the specs include a converter. But, maybe some dealers are still able to sell the C, or there is still an inventory of C models to sell. In other words, don't presume all BG85 are D models!
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    Messages: 73 is what a major dealer in Michigan told me because the Stihl hand blowers he stocked said BG 85 C on it. The dealers says that is what Stihl has been sending him but it is a "D" model and when rang up.......the receipt will say "D" on it and not "C" :confused: Check your receipt and see what it says on it as I am curious :confused: I was not gonna chance it and bought the hand held Redmax HBZ2600 and absolutely love it :clapping: + it is $30.00 cheaper and comes with a 2 year commercial warranty :) Let us know what your receipt says. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Talon
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    Good to hear. How is your redmax doing? Is it good on fuel?

    Didn't this thread have like 12 pages???:dizzy:
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    I have no experience with RedMax equipment but have heard only good things about it. But i have the STIHL BG 85 hand blower. It was used as a main blower from April-November. But then i got my BR 550 back pack blower and it is now just used as the gutter machine for clean ups, blower for tight spaces, back up blower and other things. But IMO its a very powerful blower but im defnately happy with the performance with the backpack. -Mitch-
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    Fuel usage is very good compared to my thirsty 2 cycle chainsaws :drinkup: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Talon
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    The model number is clearly marked on the machine. Just look on the equipment, not the receipt.

    Many things have been that speak about not wanting a blower with a converter. But, nobody has said why they don't want the one with the converter. Please explain the reasoning. No, "... I just don't want one," or "... it doesn't seem like a good idea," or other such reason. Cite the spec, longevity, maintenance costs, or other such objective reasoning.
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    I'd assume its because it can limit the output of the engine.
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    My dealer said the redmax hbz2600 is a little less powerful than the stihl br420d. But they basically put out the same amount of air. Now that's a good reason with the converter.
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    What does the Redmax cost at your dealer. Mine costs $220.

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