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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wanabe, Oct 12, 2008.

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    I recently purchased a new stihl BG85 blower, as we needed another. We also have one that is about 10 years old. The problem is that the old one has way more power. What is the deal? Anyone else notice this?
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    Not exactly like that, but similar...

    Several years ago I wanted a handheld but was short on money,
    so I bought the bg-55 and ordered an extra flat-tip nozzle to replace
    the round one it comes with, which cost another 10 or 15 bucks but
    also effectively makes this identical to the 65 (for a little less $).

    I used this blower all the time for a good two seasons but then I wanted more power
    and the 55 still runs good but it's worn out so I figured I would get the real deal, right?
    So I bought the 85 and was walking out the door with it like YEAH...

    But once I started using it I was like hmmm...
    I can hardly tell the difference, it's like it's almost better than the 55 but hardly worth mentioning,
    the only thing I really like about it is that cruise control (the 55's is only WOT or off).
    Considering the money I spent I was also disappointed by the BG-85's performance.

    And one would think there is no comparing a 55 to the 85, but in my opinion the difference is really minor, puny.

    Meanwhile, in terms of wear, the 85 is now giving me the same problem the 55 was doing, which basically
    the entire hose sometimes comes flying off the housing (talk about really annoying nonsense).

    So if I ever buy another handheld I'm going back to the 55, as far as bang for the buck so long
    I get the flat tip nozzle for it I feel like I get the most value for my dollar there.
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