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Stihl Blower - Repair Advice - Video

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I posted this a few weeks ago, and none of the suggestions seem to be helping. So here is a video that I thought may explain what is happening better.

When I sqeeze the accelerator trigger, this knob clicks and flips to the far left (as it is supposed to) and then it slowly dies. It slowly started bogging down over about a 2 hour period until it is now doing this. But if I manually turn this knob (as shown in the video) it will rev up to what is almost full speed - but if I click to full choke it backs off. Tried to show this in the video.

It is a fairly new blower (I year old - light farm use - 2-3 times a month for an hour). I use only ethanol free gas, and put a new fuel and air filter in which didn't help. Also tried spraying in some carb cleaner.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Link to Video
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Totally agree it is running lean which is why adding choke will let it run better. The seafoam should do the trick. If it doesn't you could remove the carb and soak it in a carb cleaning solution. Gunk makes one in a gallon can.
Thanks - will give it a try. Just picked some up. I never messed with a carb on one of these things. I didn't think they could get messed up so easily and soon. Still unsure how much Seafoam to put in a tank. Is half Seafoam and half gas too much?
You might find this amusing.
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