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Stihl Blower - Repair Advice - Video

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I posted this a few weeks ago, and none of the suggestions seem to be helping. So here is a video that I thought may explain what is happening better.

When I sqeeze the accelerator trigger, this knob clicks and flips to the far left (as it is supposed to) and then it slowly dies. It slowly started bogging down over about a 2 hour period until it is now doing this. But if I manually turn this knob (as shown in the video) it will rev up to what is almost full speed - but if I click to full choke it backs off. Tried to show this in the video.

It is a fairly new blower (I year old - light farm use - 2-3 times a month for an hour). I use only ethanol free gas, and put a new fuel and air filter in which didn't help. Also tried spraying in some carb cleaner.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Link to Video
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Requires a special tool that I don't have. And if I take into the repair shop, I'll be lucky to get it back within a month. I'm on a smaller island in Hawaii.
I'm the other person who gave you the same advice, adjust the H screw.
You can order the special tool online, have it delivered to you.
It's Stihl 5910 890 2307
You can use google / duckduckgo, find it on ebay or amazon, order it, have it shipped to you.

We can't help you beyond our suggestions, we can't do it for you.

This screw:
Hood Fender Gas Automotive tire Vehicle door
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My dealer tried to steer me away from messing with those settings. Instead suggesting spark arrestor, fuel filter as most often the culprit. Convinced me that messing with those settings in a machine so new, and running great until it went downhill in an hour, would just get me in a deeper hole.

Really appreciate the feedback.
Your dealer may not be entirely wrong, especially if you have no experience adjusting those.
However, your dealer should also be able to make those adjustments for a small fee.
Monthly filter replacement seems excessive. Unless you are refueling in very dusty conditions?
Yeah, I almost never replace these...
Its preventative maintenance. We run our backpacks for 3 seasons on end all year round and rarely have issues with them. Fuel filters are a few bucks and take 3 minutes to replace them. Its the same reason we grease our mowers every day, sharpen blades every day, tap out air filters every day, pressure wash mowers weekly, etc. Very rarely do we have fuel issues or frankly any issues with our mowers outside of worn/broken belts. I would rather be OCD about it then watch guys not be able to start trimmers and blowers.
I will say this...
I too used to sharpen blades daily, and I used to replace spark plugs and all the brass bushings every year, too... One day I sat down and figured how many thousands of dollars I wasted every year in both parts and labor hours doing all that so-called preventative maintenance... It took another number of years for the next solution to get implemented, in fact I'm still working on it but in some order I discovered $5 inductive pickup hour meters.
Ok they're closer to $8 a piece now.

These things are awesome, I install them on about every 4-cycle piece of equipment I can put them on. Now it's sharpen blades and grease zerks every 10 hours, 5 hours on push mowers.
This is by no means a comprehensive list but more like a good start:
25 hours, wash foam air cleaners. 50 hours, check tire air pressure (usually every 500 miles, truck and car), transmission Couplings grease. 100 Hours replace paper and foam air cleaner, spindles grease. 200 hours Oil and filter change, Engine clean fins.
And so on...

The beauty of it is now I don't have to remember anything other than look at hour meters and charts and I can be pretty certain I'm not wasting all sorts of time, money and effort.

I still grease zerks whenever I fill up the gas on the Wb's thou...
But I did find fuel gauge gas caps help me know if I can go another day without refueling, which also means one less greasing. No more pulling off a gas cap just to see how much fuel is in the tank either, fuel gauge gas caps and hour meters yes sir.

Not sure it would work on most 2 cycle equipment, but I can see an hour meter on a blower.
Secure them with zip ties.
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Oh I know. I was just explaining why we do it daily. I read alot on here about guys who sharpen once a week or even once a month. Not only are they are tearing the grass but without cleaning the deck they can be transferring disease from yard to yard. It was more directed at them and why I do it like that.
Just different strokes, different folks...

Every 10 hours for some of us might work out to once a week or less for a specific mower, I have 2-3 Wb's, two ztr's, and a 21" (or three) and as a solo I often rotate mowers so as to balance out hours and keep them all functional. It is not unusual for me to mow 15-16 yards on one sharpening, that equals out to about 10 hours and because I'm older that's 2-3 days worth of work...

I do agree blades need to be sharp, but I also believe in getting some mileage out of the materials. There is a difference when I can get blades to last me 2-3 years where they used to last me one, I also understand it isn't the same when you have employees running your machines.
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