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Stihl Blower - Repair Advice - Video

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I posted this a few weeks ago, and none of the suggestions seem to be helping. So here is a video that I thought may explain what is happening better.

When I sqeeze the accelerator trigger, this knob clicks and flips to the far left (as it is supposed to) and then it slowly dies. It slowly started bogging down over about a 2 hour period until it is now doing this. But if I manually turn this knob (as shown in the video) it will rev up to what is almost full speed - but if I click to full choke it backs off. Tried to show this in the video.

It is a fairly new blower (I year old - light farm use - 2-3 times a month for an hour). I use only ethanol free gas, and put a new fuel and air filter in which didn't help. Also tried spraying in some carb cleaner.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Link to Video
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can't see video, set to private....
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The 'high' jet is not getting the fuel to the engine, clogged, semi clogged and needs to be cleaned out. Run a good bit of seafoam through it, pour it right in the tank of gas (with 2 cycle gas) and run the crap (literally) out of it......
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Pour bottle about 1/2 a tank with 2 cycle gas, just run it, hard, if it doesn't clear it up you will have to get it serviced at dealer
Thanks - will give it a try. Just picked some up. I never messed with a carb on one of these things. I didn't think they could get messed up so easily and soon. Still unsure how much Seafoam to put in a tank. Is half Seafoam and half gas too much?
Yes its fine, just make sure it has 2 cycle oil/gas mixed with it, just run it........
We would do it every spring and it cleans them out know for snake oil......
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