Stihl Blower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Onytay, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Onytay

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    First off I would like to thank everyone for making this sight so great, the wealth of information here has saved my but more times than I care to count!

    I've been looking around for some used equipment, mainly handhelds and ran across this, what is listed as a Stihl blower, but it seems to have a holding tank of some sort whith a hose that runs down to end ofthe pipe. Does anyone know anything about this?


  2. Richard Martin

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  3. Ben's Landscape

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    Exactly what Richard said. It is a sprayer usually used for spraying chem. water. etc.
  4. heybruck34

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    It's a really, REALLY big gas tank. SR-420 stands for Sh!t Remover 420 and you can easily blow for 10-12 hours, throttle WFO.

    If that doesn't take care of leaves, rocks, dirt, pets, and small children, nothing will.
  5. Onytay

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    Thanks for the answers. Thats what I figured it was for
  6. Buzz it

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    It’s really unfair that some parts of the country (Ga., Fl.) can sell the BR600 Magnum for $439.99 but can't sell it outside the state on the INTERNET and we in California have to pay $489.99 and up. Not fair in these economic times! Please let others know before they pay to much when other manufacturers have better WARRANTIES and just as good blower specifications. Check out Tanaka TBL7800R with 7 yr. warranty for $431.99 out the door OR Echo PB755T/H with 5 yr. warranty for $451.99 out the door OR shindaiwa EB633RT with 2yr. warranty for $411.99 out the door at in Illinois, usa with no tax or shipping costs. STIHL DOES NOT SEEM TO BE FAIR WITH THEIR SELLING METHODS CONCERNING CA, what is happening in other states I wonder. Anybody know? By the way Echo makes Shindaiwa. Shin 633 same as Echo 755 (like CHEVY SILVERADO and GMC SIERRA)
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    All right man, thanks for the spam and all but I think most of the folks here get it.
  8. mowerbrad

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    Nope, not just stihl, it seems like most people hate california...including me:dancing:

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