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I just purchased a Stihl backpack blower. I don't have the model # off hand, but it's the most powerful one they have.

I'm kind of dissapointed- not by the blowing power, I am very impressed by the way it runs- But when it runs!

It will run fine, then the next day won't even turn.
Almost like I'm flooding it
I pull the spark plug out and its soaked
Your probably thinking I can't start a blower- but have 4 others and never had a problem

I've taken it back to dealer, he returns it and it runs fine for awhile- should I tell him to get me a new one


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those br 400's are touchy on the choke
I would never pull it over more than 4 or 5 times with the choke on.
turn the choke off by the 5th pull and pull a couple more times if it is flooded it should start.
other than that be the problem, I would check the carb settings.
also, I always start them at full throttle, and as soon as it starts throttle it down to warm it up


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The guy who helped me get started swore by the Stihl blowers and I have had no problems with mine. He is a large company and buys them more than I and he told me his last two were duds.

Also, has anyone noticed that the bump heads on the trimmers are wearing out faster now? Are they making them out of a cheaper plastic so they can sell more? Really makes me mad to pay $$ for a cheap piece of plastic.



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it is possible to flood the br-400. I've done it but it usually isn't a problem. if I flood it very often, I change plugs and it's usually long time before it floods again.

I wouldn't be happy at all if I bought one new and it was screwing up right out of the box.

mine is in service over four years and never been back to the dealer. the choke knob recently broke however.



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I have 3 Stihl trimmers that start and run great, but I do have a blower just like yours. It will run fine one day and the next day or yard it takes an act of God just to get it started. I can take it to the dealer and they make it run well for about 2 days. Then we are back to really hard starts and lots of bad language. It's my belief that mine is a lemmon.

When it does run it's a world beater, when it's being temprmental, it's real close to being sold or in the garbage can.

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I had some Echo's like that. I finally gave up and sold them. I've used Shidaiwa and Red Max since.


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I dont know how the Stihl's are, but my Echo backpack starting sequence when cold is....two primer pumps....full choke pull....release choke.....pull second time to start....ALL THE TIME. When its warm out, half squirt of primer and one pull thats it. Its never flooded, and never takes more than 3 pulls ever. This holds true for my Echo edger and weed wacker. This is why I stick with Echo.


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