Stihl BR 400 problems..need help

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by tennstripeking, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. mow crew

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    I got one running. I then changed the carb from the running unit to the non and no luck. Then just to see I put the non running carb on the good unit and it runs fine. So I guess its the coil? It has really good spark or so it seems. I performed the test you advised for the and it seems to have strong spark and 100+ on compression check. Maybe fuel filter? Crap......Taking it to the shop is NOT an option for me......
  2. rotti1968

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  3. rotti1968

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    i would go with a coil....
  4. RonAyersMotorsports

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    Well if this is the case. You need to perform a pressue and leak down test, which I assume you don't have the proper tools to do. Can't help you from here. But please don't assume its the coil from the others up here. You may just start wasting money on a unit that is no good anyway. If your getting fuel, fire, and compression. Well unless it has a leaking seal it should run.
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    Hi tennstripeking,

    Did you have any luck fixing the BR400 as I have one with the same problem, it runs fine for about three minutes then dies as if it's run short of fuel, I've changed the Air Filter, Spark Plug, stripped and cleaned the carb and blown out the fuel filter but all this has made no difference. I am now strongly suspecting the coil but like most people I'm hesitant to spend money without being certain.

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    pull the engine cover off, is there oily residue around the carb, residue around the cylinder gasket? if so u have compression probs. buy new gaskets for everything, pull the cylinder off and check its condition and take some sandpaper to clean the top of the piston. r the rings free or stuck....coils generally last a long time. Ive only had 1 go bad in 22 years....just went thru this with a few blowers and they all now run awesome. One reason i dont buy stihl, their replacement parts r $$$$$ and their equipment doesn't last any longer then anyone elses. if u cant get the gaskets right awy u can use the stihl oem sealant called dirko ht, or yamabond 4, or three bond 1194....if u pull the recoil and c a large amount of oil there u could have an oil seal leak, cheap and easy to replace. If the inner oil seal is leaking though it will be a time consuming repair but also very easy.
  7. mcambrose

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    I had a couple of BR400 blowers which gave me trouble after they had some age. Your problem could be due to a leaking crankshaft seal. If I remember correctly, there is one in front and back of the motor. If the motor heats up the seal may leak air and the engine will die. I had a Shindaiwa that was about 10 years old and it had the same problem. The seals used to not cost very much and were pretty easy to replace. The front one was replaced by removing the pull start and then the nut on the crankshaft. The seal was pulled out with a screwdriver. Good luck.
  8. mini14

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    be carfull when removing crank seals to not score the shaft, use a screw and screw it into the seal then pull
  9. topsites

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    Coils going bad in this case would be due to heat...
    Sometimes coils work fine when they're cold, then as the engine heats up they crap out.

    So, have you tried swapping the coil from the running one to the non?
  10. betmr

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    Old machines, been sitting with gas in them = Gummed up Carburetor. Carb needs to be taken off and taken apart, and thouroghly cleaned inside, and probably change the reeds.

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