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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Moose's Mowing, Nov 27, 2012.

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    in real world applications, and having used most every bp blower out there (maryuama, jonserd....) the 550 is really close to the older 420. Its great for your basic light grass and leaves on pavement, but really lacks in comparison to the 600 on and heavy type of debris. I have a 600 magnum, and absolutely love it. About to buy another 1. Like others have said, it may seem weak at first due to the engine tone, but trust me, it will do just as much as you 770 or 8500 out in the feild. I have used them side by side.
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    I've used the 600and 770 side by side they are close, but the 770 is a tad faster. But will run out if gas first. In snow I think the 600 OS a tad better with the cone tube. But lighter stuff its slower.
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    Dropped off the 500 at the dealer. They ordered me a 600 magnum. Only gotta wait till next fall to really try it out thanks for all the info and the quick save
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    Oh no you don't.

    If you have any clients who have dirt roads in front of their lawn, or those with gravel driveways where snowplows have pushed gravel into the turf, the 600 will blow that stuff out (gravel and dirt both) with relative ease. I do it every year with my 600 and Husky 570. I haven't raked gravel or dirt in a few years now.
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    Glad to help. Nothing more than being disappointed with purchase and being stuck with it.
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    My experience was different. I have used my Husqvarna 580 (same mechanicals as the 8500) side-by-side with both a 770 and a BR600 and the 580 is significantly more powerful. Different units shine more in different areas, but for moving large quantities of material I don't think any backpack matches the 8500/580.

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    I agree with this. The 8500 will out blow all the others. I cant speak for the shindy 8520. Even my old 8000 out blows the br600. I run a br600,8500,8000 and a 770. On paper the 770 looks to blow the most but thats on paper only.
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    First I've ever heard of that return policy. Good to know although I've never had anything I bought I'd want to return.
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    Retrodog posted this here a short while back, and it is about the best visible test that there is right now for straight up head to head blowing power. It isn't debris that they're blowing against, but it is fair and indicates what you'd see in the real world. It also goes along pretty closely with what I've experienced the last couple seasons using quite a few top end blowers on real world debris for more than just a few minutes like we get to at the dealership.
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    They need to discontinue that sorry thing or at least sell it for the original MSRP of $400.

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